drowning in cat pee and $70 Target e-Card Giveaway


I was so relieved when we finally installed the cat door and put the litter box in the garage.

No more litter on the floor.

No more odors.

How could I have been so wrong?   We’re being suffocated by the ammonia from cat urine at the Hines house.

We realized that those times when Blackie couldn’t figure out how to get to his litter box and pooped on the carpet, that he also peed on the carpet.

So, I got on all fours, and crawled around the parameter of the living room, smelling every inch of the carpet where it meets the walls.   I felt so victorious when I sniffed out the “area”.

I saturated the carpet, the floor under the carpet, and the baseboards with a vinegar and water solution.

My daughter sprinkled the carpet with baking soda, then shampooed it.

Still, our noses are so filled with that horrible ammonia odor that we can’t smell anything else.

To further complicate the issue, Blackie still won’t go through the cat door if it is down.  He’s afraid of it.  This means we have to tape the door up so he can freely get to his litter box.

The open door lets in hot air and flies.

We’ve used treats to lure him through the door.  He literally ran from the challenge.

We’ve “helped” him through the closed door. He just turns around and stares at us through the door like he’s in prison, the look on his face pure terror.

Y’all I DON’T want the litter box in the house, and I don’t want pee on my carpet.  While I continue to ponder this dilemma, be sure to enter this fun little giveaway.

I’ve partnered with several other bloggers to bring one winner one $70 Target e-card.  I could use a little retail therapy right about now.

This Target e-card Giveaway is open from 7/17/14-7/24/14. Twitter is in no way affiliated with this giveaway. Giveaway open to US and Canada.  Only valid entries accepted. Winner will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to reply and claim their prize.


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Good luck and I’ll see you in class,

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