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Remember the other day when I said that I’m so grateful to have friends like Denver?

Well, when I was still teaching, a friend of ours would cook and have us over after the first day of school.

Knowing that I was being treated to an evening of good food and good fun got me through the flurry of activity that is the first day of Kindergarten. I would look forward to it all day.

It’s been three years since I’ve had a first day of school as a teacher, but I remember all too well how exhausting it can be to come home after work, muster up the energy to cook dinner and stay alert enough to sign permission slips and help with homework.

Now that I’m working from home, I thought I would return the favor and start a “Back to School” tradition with a few of our friends who are out there in the trenches.


Celebrate Back to School with a Make Your Own Pizza Party / www.mrshinesclass.com  #MyGoodLife #ColllectiveBias #shop


I wanted to write out the pizza party menu on my menu board, but I didn’t get to it. Instead my friends were greeted by a menu from months ago, one that got only as far as Wednesday and then went blank.

One of my friends took the liberty of writing “mystery meat” on the menu board for Thursday.   (This get together happened to fall on a Thursday.  I, of course, did not serve mystery meat.)


Celebrate Back to School with a Make Your Own Pizza Party / www.mrshinesclass.com  #MyGoodLife #CollectiveBias #shop


Other menu suggestions:   olives, buffalo wings, cheese, nuts


I set out caprese salad, various crackers with garlic and herb cheese spread, and grapes.

Everyone arrived and quickly made themselves at home. The men turned on college football.  The one boy in the group retreated to the teen lounge to play Wii.  And the women and girls congregated in the kitchen, visiting while I made a salad.

While the salad chilled in the fridge, we opened up four  Digiorno’s® Design a Pizza™ Kits from Walmart, and set out the pizzas on the kitchen island.


Celebrate Back to School with a Make Your Own Pizza Party / www.mrshinesclass.com  #MyGoodLife #CollectiveBias #shop


We put all of the ingredients in ramekins and set them out with the pizzas.

Celebrate Back to School with a Make Your Own Pizza Party / www.mrshinesclass.com  #MyGoodLife #CollectiveBias #shop


The men chose to keep watching football while the girls had fun coming up with different variations of pizza toppings.

Celebrate Back to School with a Make Your Own Pizza Party / www.mrshinesclass.com  #MyGoodLife #CollectiveBias #shop


Sausage and green peppers, cheese, pepperoni…

Celebrate Back to School with a Make Your Own Pizza Party / www.mrshinesclass.com  #MyGoodLife #CollectiveBias #shop


Easy and fun…

Celebrate Back to School with a Make Your Own Pizza Party / www.mrshinesclass.com  #MyGoodLife #CollectiveBias #shop


And to top off the evening, we served Nestle® Drumstick Lil’ Drums™ Cones 12 ct.

Celebrate Back to School with a Make Your Own Pizza Party / www.mrshinesclass.com #MyGoodLife #CollectiveBias #shop


They were the perfect treat…not too much, not too little…just right.

Celebrate Back to School with a Make Your Own Pizza Party / www.mrshinesclass.com  #MyGoodLife #CollectiveBias #shop


My hostess heart was so full that evening…listening to my friends talk, laugh, and bond. If there’s anything in #MyGoodLife that makes me feel rich, it’s that…celebrating with my people.


Cheers to a new school year!


p.s. If you’d like me to share my copycat version of the Olive Garden salad or how to make caprese salad, please let me know in the comments.

See you in class,

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