3 must have tips for accessorizing a leather couch

Sometimes after my family has gone to bed, I like to stay up a little while and enjoy the quiet, whiling away the time by browsing the internet.

It sometimes happens that inspiration strikes as I’m browsing, and I have to act on it…

right then

at 2 o’clock in the morning.

And so it was the other night after I saw this photo from House Beautiful.

Get 3 Must Have Tips for Accessorizing a Leather Couch at www.mrshinesclass.com

Let me back up.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to accessorize my leather couch for years, when one day last week, I read this post by Sita Montgomery dedicated to all the big brown leather couches out there.

When I saw what Sita did with her client’s leather couch, I was inspired by the similar furniture, color palette and room arrangement as my own.  So, using the pillows I have, I tried every configuration I could think of, but couldn’t find the one.

Which brings us back to the photo by House Beautiful.  It just so happened that my pillows are the same shape and size as the pillows in the inspiration photo.

So, I quickly gathered every throw pillow in the living room and piled them on the floor.   Sometimes it’s  just better to clear the space and start from scratch.  

Get 3 Must Have Tips for Accessorizing a Leather Couch at www.mrshinesclass.com

I rearranged the pillows, keeping the inspiration photo in mind, and added our favorite throw for napping.  I got so excited that I kept going, and after pairing a couple of accessories with the new lamps, the couch felt complete.


In the leather chair, a rust pillow and blue throw blanket carry the color scheme around the room.


Get 3 Must Have Tips for Accessorizing a Leather Couch at www.mrshinesclass.com



I kept it simple in this chair, not wanting to compete with the accent wall.


Get 3 Must Have Tips for Accessorizing a Leather Couch at www.mrshinesclass.com



Pulling colors from the living room curtains and mixing and matching patterns brought the couch, and the room, to life.


Get 3 Must Have Tips for Accessorizing a Leather Couch at www.mrshinesclass.com


And here’s what I learned along the way

3 Tips for Accessorizing a Leather Couch:

~Add  color, pattern and texture with the use of throw pillows and blankets

~Add accessories behind the couch, whether it’s art on a wall, curtains, decorative items on a sofa table or a combination, to create a new focal point.

~Break up a leather set by incorporating fabric chairs and accent furniture



See you in class,


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