I’ll Tell You What

Remember when “dude” was a popular expression that took on different meanings depending on how you said it?  Well, in Texas, the saying, “I’ll tell you what”, declares pride, authority, or a matter of fact.  It replaces “once upon a time” as you take a trip down memory lane.   It can be used at the beginning or the end of a thought, and it even stands on its own…think Hank Hill.   It provokes childhood memories and thoughts of relatives that makes my heart smile.  And as I’m writing, I realize it’s a phrase you grow into.  You’ve gotta have some wisdom under your belt to back it up.   So, in my middle age, I’ll tell you what:

~Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

~Joy does not equal happiness.

~Laughter is great medicine.

~You can’t use the saying “pick your battles” to avoid battle.

~Superiority is rooted in inferiority.

~Your strengths lie within your weaknesses.

~If at all possible, you should say yes when a friend wants to spend time with you.

~You don’t have to like everyone.

~Love isn’t always warm and fuzzy.

~Drama is in the eye of the beholder.

~I can’t stand the word “drama”.

~Comfort isn’t everything.

~You gotta play in order to be in the game.

~You don’t have to wish time away; its already passing.

~Beauty fades.

~Wanting to be understood is not the same as wanting people to like you.

~Feelings are meant to be expressed.

~It’s never too late.

Until next time, I’ll tell you what.   ;)


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After 17 years in an elementary classroom, Mrs. Hines retired from teaching to pursue her passions: decorating, writing and homemaking. While her formal education is in teaching, she discovered her talent for design at a young age and is a self-taught decorator. Mrs. Hines' DIY spirit has earned her appearances on the show Deals which airs on the Live Well Network. She continues to teach and inspire on her popular Lifestyle blog, Mrs. Hines' Class. Homemaking is Mrs. Hines' first love. So, when she isn't decorating or writing, you can find her at home watching television with Mr. Hines or trying to keep up with her teenaged daughter.

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