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Last week I shared some of the cruelties of my childhood, but left off saying that there were some positive experiences too. Today, we’re going to hear more about those; the fond memories.

…by the time I was in Jr. High, my family was spending many a week night and most of our weekends at the ballfields.  All four of us kids played and over the years, Dad took time to coach each one of our teams.

Looking back, I would say that God used my Dad’s love of the game to draw our family closer together.  I think those years are when the hearts of my siblings and me were knitted together.  We walked home from school together, we cheered each other on in sports, we even cheered each other on at the dinner table.  It does take cheering on to finish your brussel sprouts.  😉

The love of a sibling and for a sibling is like no other.  I am so very grateful for that blessing.

I’m also grateful for my eighth grade homemaking class.  It was in eighth grade, too, that my love for writing really blossomed.  So, it is no wonder that the school year that I remember most fondly is the year that I discovered my passions.  I’m only just now realizing this connection as I write.  It fills my heart with awe and wonder at God and His providence.

I’d like to share a post that I wrote previously about being in homemaking class.

Who remembers 8th grade homemaking class?  I sure do.   My teacher used to play a motivational tape by Zig Zigler in the background as my friends and I worked together to cook and create.  I remember learning to make funnel cakes and parfaits.  I was so excited about the parfait that I served it to my parents for dessert one night.  They were good sports.  🙂  Right around the end of the class period, we would be finishing up, and The Zig Zigler tape would come to an end.  We’d chime in with him as he declared, “I’ll see you at the top!”   My fondest memory, though,  has to be the peach poplin shorts.


 After days of laboring over the pattern and finally stitching the last seam, I was ready to take my pretty peach shorts up to show the teacher.  I’ll never forget her encouraging words, “They look like you bought them at Foley’s!”

 I went home with a smile on my face that was bright enough to light up the state of Texas.  I couldn’t wait to tell my mom the good news!  Of course, mom agreed.

After reflecting over my experiences in homemaking class, I’d have to say that’s where it all began.  The feelings of joy as I prepared meals, exhilaration after a completed project, and pride in my newfound abilities were all  such positive experiences.  I think this is why I get such great satisfaction from homemaking even today.

Thinking about that time in my life makes me so grateful for the good times. They are like a glass of ice water on a hot day; refreshing and necessary.  They are a time to rest and rejuvenate.  That is where I find myself in life today.  Enjoying being back home full-time, loving taking care of my family and having time to pursue passions.

Of course, there’s a lot more story between eighth grade and today.  I’ll tell you a little more next time.

Until then,



  1. shirley@housepitalitydesigns says:

    Sharon…I remember my home ec days…where has those days gone?…I guess they feel that girls do not need that anymore…I loved my experience in that class..

    Zig Ziegler…he is my hubby’s hero…what a guy…such an inspiration to us all…We saw him a couple of years ago at a “motivational series” know those with celebrities such as Colin Powell, Steve Forbes, Rudy Gulianni, and more…Zig was there, but spoke very little due to his illness…the person that has taken over for him is fantastic…such an unbelievable speaker….how wonderful of that teacher to play him in the background to give encouragement to all the students…Bravo to that teacher!…

  2. Indeed!

  3. along with home ec classes there was also 4H. Those who volunteered their time for those events really made differences in som many lives. the parents that opened their homes to the group every week on a rotating basis helped too providing a snack or meal depending on the tme of day the meeting was held helped a lot too.Someone had to drive us to the county fairs where our projects were displayed and judged. THANK YOU’s all around. Lifetime lasting results for what probably did not seem that significant at the time.

  4. Of course I took Home ec! But I learned to sew from my mom. My home ec. project was a horrible vest that I never wore. Love hearing your stories.

  5. Isn’t that truth. It’s nice to know that those good deeds do make lasting impressions. And even better to know that first hand. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sewing is becoming a lost art form! I’d love to see that vest. LOL.

  7. I was never able to experience home ec! But my mom taught me so much about keeping a home. I love your sharing. Thank you.

  8. My mom taught me a lot too. Mostly just by doing. I am so grateful for that.

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