travel week: when in “Rome”….

I have always loved sociology, more specifically the many different cultures that make up our world.  

Even within The United States, cultures vary from state to state.  So, when I travel, I prefer to take the travel channel’s advice and “do as the locals do”.

I enjoy eating what they eat,

playing where they play

and living as they live.

For me,  “doing as the locals do” makes for a very rich travel experience.  I come away with a greater understanding of the people.  I get to try things I may have never otherwise tried.  And I leave with a greater appreciation for diversity.  

 Here are a few tips on how to have your own “when in Rome” experience:

1) Visit the city or town’s website to get a list of places to visit, stay and eat while you’re planning your trip.

2) Take advantage of wifi at your hotel and do some internet research or ask the concierge when you check in.

3) ask the locals 

A couple of years ago while Mr. Hines and I were staying a few nights in Galveston, we struck up a conversation with a couple of hotel employees.  Turns out they were local gals who had been born and raised in Galveston.  We learned some very interesting town history as well as some great places to visit during that conversation.  

I hope you find these tips helpful as you plan your next vacation.

Until next time,



  1. shirley@housepitalitydesigns says:

    Looks like a wonderful vacation….love Santa Barbara!!!…Did the “sideways” tour near there…it was fantastic!

  2. Looks like a lovely time. Great pictures glad you had a good time.


  3. We drove through Santa Barbara on our way to Morro Bay. It’s really pretty. I’d love to hear about the “sideways” tour.

  4. I grew up in Montreal…a very European kind of city…many cultures all together on a small island, it was great.

  5. Bryan Alexander says:

    So, your travel advice involves watching the Travel Channel, doing checking the town’s website, talking to the concierge, and asking locals about it?

  6. Bryan, I’m glad you asked. Although watching the travel channel isn’t one of my tips, I have gotten some great tips that way. I’ve picked up the tips I’m sharing from experts over the years and have found them very helpful. I’ll be doing a summary post of my travel tips on Sunday.


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