Laundry Quandary


In fifteen years of marriage, I’ve yet to come up with a laundry system that works for our household.

Laundry Room Before


Do you have everyone just bring their dirty laundry baskets to the laundry room and sort the loads from their baskets in the washing machine?

Laundry Room Before


Or do you keep a sorter in the laundry room?  If you do keep a sorter in the laundry room, what do you do with the hampers and baskets once the clothes are in the washing machine?

Laundry Room Before


And what do you do once you take the clean clothes out of the dryer?

If you’ve got a system that works, please share!

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  1. I have one bag for whites and one bag for color clothes. O sort the color clothes once they are in the laundry room. Laundry don’t get me started it is the one thing that never ends.


  2. How ’bout hiding in the corner and praying someone else takes care of the laundry? That’s what I do. Seriously, though, I keep three bins in our master bathroom, then everyone tosses their dirty clothing into the appropriate bin (whites, lights, darks). That helps a bit.

  3. At my house, everyone has their own basket. When I “think” I might wash that day, I ask that everyone bring them into the garage and sort them. No one seems to mind. I wash everything. When stuff starts coming out of the drying I start refilling the baskets but I don’t sort yet. Each basket of laundry ends up on my bed and usually there is someone around to help sort it. After it’s sorted, sometimes folded neatly, sometimes not, I load each persons clothes back in their basket and delivery it to their bed. Everyone has to put it away before they get into bed. If I just want to be a blessing, I do it for them. If someone gets home too late that night, they just have to move their basket, but the expectation is clear that it I do needs to be done first thing in the morning. I do towels and sheets on different days. Overall, this works for us. It may not work for people with a tiny laundry room to have their baskets there while washing. I have given up pretty baskets a LONG time ago, so mine are cheap and nest in each other. One last thing? It seems like my peeps are happy to help when they know what’s going on and that each task really only takes a few minutes.

  4. It is just Joe and I now. I can’t REMEMBER what I did when the kids were here:):):) Sorry!!!! XO, Pinky

  5. What do they sort their dirty clothes into?
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  6. No system here, but it is just the two of us. I still don’t know how two people create so much laundry.

  7. We just have 3 in our household….and the loads just multiply like rabbits.

  8. Ok. Laundry GAG…stick a fork in me.. yuck.. But you asked the question. SO I used to do All my kids laundry, fold it AND put it away. They my friend said, you still do Aaron’s (13) Laundry? Wait, and you put it away for him?
    Why am I killing myself every week to do this when he has plenty of time..{usually spending it on the computer or xbox or with friends} to help me out!
    – Now he has a basket in His room, for his clothes. I don’t touch them. He usually does 1-2 loads of his clothes a week, cleans, folds and puts them away. ALSO my 9 year old is doing this same thing too now!

    Whoohoo- I am now only do my husbands, Dereks and my clothes..and have so much spare time now it is unreal!

    PLUS I am teaching my boys to take care of themselves.. which I find to be huge and what I should be doing as a mom!
    {They are helping me make dinner now too} Those little things they need to know in life!

    Oh And I am not a sorter… Nope. Whites, colors all go together on cold. Towels well they go with the other towels. lol

    But I am so with ya.. yuck laundry!


  9. A friend said something similar to me a couple of years ago.

  10. I do laundry every day, first thing in the morning. Two loads: one dark and one light. Everyone is responsible for bringing their laundry to the laundry room and putting it in the appropriate basket at the end of each day, before bed. Once it’s finished, I fold it and put it in each person’s room where they are responsible for putting it away. It seems to work for us and, as a result of the fact that there are never more than a few of pieces of laundry per person, I don’t have baskets or hampers except in my tiny laundry room.

  11. I keep 4 laundry baskets in the laundry room. One for colors, one for whites, darks, and delicates. I have a hamper in the bedroom master closet.When it is full I take the hamper out and drop the clothes into their respective baskets in the laundry room. When I’m done with the laundry I just stack the baskets in a pile until the next wash day. My daughter has a cabinet in the laundry room that she slides the laundry baskets into. I think she found the idea on pinterest. With five children she has a system of a different colored laundry basket for each child. After she washes the clothes she puts the clothes into the colored baskets and the kids pick them up from the laundry room shelf and take them to their room. xo my frined. P.S. the new giveaway has been posted!

  12. shirley@housepitalitydesigns says:

    I have three “hampers”….one in our bathroom for our regular clothes, one in our laundry room for towels, and one in the garage for my hubby’s baseball and work out clothes….seems to work for us….I am with Kim…with just the two of us I do not know why we generate so much laundry…but I do it every day to keep it at bay!


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