Living Room Design

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Instead of counting sheep at night when I’m trying to fall asleep, I tend to count “brilliant” ideas.

I think of titles for the books that I dream about writing.

I plan projects that I want to share on this blog.

And as I finally drift off to sleep, I imagine my living room perfectly arranged and decorated.  Then I wake up to reality the next morning.

Why is it that those ideas seem so brilliant at the time, and then the next day they’re not so brilliant anymore?  It’s kinda like going to bed with a “10” and waking up with a “2.”

I obsess over the details;


and rearranging.

Still dissatisfied, I search for inspiration on Pinterest and Houzz,  taking note of the recurring design elements in the photos that catch my attention.

And work with my furnishings to recreate the living room of my dreams.

To be continued…

Until next time,



  1. and isn’t it “funny” how just when we get it the way we “want” it, we see something else & that makes us want to change it!!!!!!????!!!!! ……..just so we can blog about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is when I think about things too at night when I am getting ready to fall asleep. When I wake up I am wanting to start the project right then and that gets me in trouble sometimes because right now I have projects I am in the middle of og finishing.


  3. I know what you mean. NOW, I lay awake panning the new house and where I will put things etc. I have nOTHING to blog about right now, I can’t DO anything. Frustrating. XO, Pinky

  4. I’ve yet to get it the way I want it. I’m always changing it because it’s just not quite right. But every time I rearrange, I change less….getting close to having it the way I want it. Then I’ll hopefully stop looking at living room designs on Pinterest and Houzz. 😉

  5. Cynthia, I know what you mean. I’m famous, or infamous, for starting a new project before I finish the first one.

  6. I bet your new house is beautiful! I can’t wait to see it. You can blog about your plans…give us a little glimpse. 😉

  7. shirley@housepitalitydesigns says:

    I think when you are thinking too hard about something, you get overloaded with the thought process….I know you will come up with exactly what you want. That “epiphany” will come to you when you least expect it….I think you are on the right track!!…Have a great weekend Sharon!!

  8. You are so right, Shirley! Thank you for the encouragement.

  9. Sharon, Your room and furnishings certainly has good bones. With all the inspiration out there you will get it just perfect. Then start all over again.
    Have a great Sunday, Ginger

  10. I’m getting really close, Ginger! Thanks for encouraging me.


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