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weekend warrior, paint, painted furniture, d.i.y.

As much as I’d love to be a D.I.Y. weekend warrior on the home decor front, that is going to have to wait until later.  Instead, I’m going to be a weekend warrior as a hostess to six 14-year-old boys from the youth group at our church.  It’s going to be fun!

What should I feed these boys for dinner Saturday night?  Debbiedoo??? Anyone?

thrift, furniture, paint, d.i.y.

We just had four teenaged girls giggling into the wee hours of the night last night.  So, Mr. Hines and I are feeling a little sleep deprived.  But I wouldn’t trade the sleep for the sound of my child laughing with friends for anything!  It brings this momma’s heart so much joy.

Laughter is indeed good for the soul.

What’s your weekend warrior project?

Whatever you plans include, I hope you have a weekend filled with laughter or George or both. 😉

Until next time,

by Sharon Hines


  1. Oh Sharon…have great fun with the boys….these are special times!!….I know my weekend will be filled with laughter…it always is!!….

  2. You are one special lady, Shirley. xo

  3. Enjoy your time with the boys. Time flies and they grow in a blink I know from my nieces and nephews. Have a great time!!!

  4. Thank you, Cynthia. They definitely grow in a blink. We’ve been enjoying the boys…totally different dynamic than a group of girls.

  5. Oh yeah I bet!

  6. I’ve got a 15 year old son and I love being around him with his friends. They crack me up! But boy, can they eat! I’ve always got a pot of spaghetti, ham & cheese chowder, bbq pork, texas skillet, and loads of cookies and desserts on hand. As a matter of fact, that’s my weekend warrior project, with school starting up again next week for all of us, I’m cooking up a storm!
    Have fun with your boys!!!

  7. Ann Drake says:

    I love what you said about not minding the giggling and lack of sleep. Believe me there is plenty of time for sleep when your children are grown. I would give anything to go back for just one sleep over, one ball game, one meal around my kitchen table. Enjoy these days!

  8. Thank you, Ann. I love gleaning wisdom from those that have gone before me in life’s stages. I will definitely take your advice!

  9. I was so surprised by how much food boys consume. A big pot of spaghetti was plan A, but they had pizza for lunch, so I went with plan B, which was tacos. They seemed to be a hit. Have fun cooking! So, do you cook ahead and freeze meals?

  10. I try to freeze ahead as much as possible. When I cook, I make a huge batch to eat now and put some away in the freezer for later, too. Usually all leftovers get eaten for a midnight snack or breakfast at the latest. My oldest son is 6’4″ , my youngest is already over 6 feet tall, over 200 lbs and just turned 15. Good thing they love football.

  11. I would love you to write a guest post sharing the planning and preparation that goes into make ahead meals. Let me know if you’re interested.

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