Gray and Yellow Mood Board

I was recently asked by a young friend to help decorate her living room.  The young newlywed would like to decorate her new space to reflect her family’s personality and taste while keeping in function in mind.

The industrious, young mother has already painted the walls a soft, neutral gray and would like to incorporate yellow and black into the color scheme.

After browsing home decor magazines, we found inspiration and the room started coming together.

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The Design Plan:

1. I chose youthful and modern print with fun colors for the curtain panels that will flank the fireplace.

2. This console table will sit behind the sofa which separates the dining area from the living space.  The table will serve double duty as a buffet as well as storage.  Two table lamps will sit on the console.

3.  Bringing black into the room with a rug grounds the space.  The chevron pattern is youthful and sophisticated.

4.  My friend desired a round table to soften the lines of the space.  This table will sit next to the glider.

5.  A fun floral print on the throw pillows integrates the color scheme.  We’ll use the pillows on the sofa.

6. We will place open bookshelves on either side of the t.v. console for more storage.  The open space provides plenty of room for baskets, as well as opens up the room visually.

7. My friend’s husband is a budding photographer, so I thought the tripod lamp was only fitting.

I’d also like to add a photo gallery to the focal wall to showcase her husband’s work.  

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Do you remember your first home as newlyweds?

Until next time,

by Sharon Hines


  1. Sharon

    Good job I like the mood board, I am anxious to see pictures.


  2. I love that pop of yellow in the curtains. Beautiful. And the chevron rug is gorgeous, too. Have you seen the yellow Dash & Albert diamond pattern rug? That’s another good choice — and it’s indoor/outdoor — easily washable for those inevitable kiddo stains. I think they have a black version, too. We have one of these rugs in our family room, but in green.

  3. I’m anxious to see pictures too, LOL! We just started the planning last night, so hopefully we’ll be able to get working soon.

  4. I’m loving the yellow too. Thanks for the tip on the rug. I’ll have to look into that.

  5. The room is going to be stunning, Sharon! I love the yellow & black accents and I’ve been eyeing a tri-pod lamp like that, for quite a while for my family room. Looking forward to seeing it when it’s all done. :~)

  6. Mary, I’m really excited about doing this room. If I’m not mistaken, the lamp on the mood board is from Target. Hope you find it!

  7. Love the mood board Sharon….our first home as newlyweds was an apt…all hand me down furniture…a card table for a dining table, but my tablecloth was pretty! ha!
    Back then I guess you could have called us DIY’ers…it was a necessity!

  8. Thanks for sharing, Shirley. We lived in the apartment that I was renting before we got married. We had a little furniture, some of it hand me down and there was nothing on the walls, but it felt like home.

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