prayers please

Friends, I could really use your prayers.  After three weeks of battling kidney stones, I’m feeling discouraged, defeated…all those “d” words.

I’ve been to an urologist and am at a standstill with medical help.  I need to catch a stone so they can analyze it, but I’ve yet to catch one.

Lithotripsy is out of my budget right now.

I’m not in enough pain to send me to the ER, but I’m uncomfortable enough to not be able to get around or be productive.

My house hasn’t been cleaned in weeks, I haven’t been able to blog consistently, I keep canceling plans and have been unable to keep commitments.

You can imagine the toll this takes on my mood and attitude.

That’s where you come in.  I covet your prayers.

Thanks all!




  1. Love and prayers coming your way! Your friend, Katherine

  2. In prayer for you now Sharon and will continue. Please keep us informed.

  3. thank you friend!

  4. Thank you so much Dolly. Your prayers mean a lot!
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  5. OMGodness, I am so sorry this is going on. I hope you ge relief FAST and I will be praying for you. XO

  6. That should have been GOODNESS:):) Freudian slip?????

  7. I appreciate it Pinky. Thank you!

  8. 🙂 I didn’t even catch it…

  9. I am so sorry. I will pray for you. I know kidney stones are painful. My father has had them three times. I have been wondering where you have been. Keep tough.

    Thank You,

    Cindy McTigue

    New Jersey

  10. Oh, Sharon… I’m so sorry you’ve been going through this. You are and will continue to be, in my thoughts and prayers. I hope this is over for you very soon. {{{ }}} Mary

  11. Praying that you get relief soon. Wish I lived closer I would stop by and clean your house.

  12. julia christine stephen says:

    I will pray for you…be strong

  13. That’s so kind.
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  14. Mary, I so appreciate your kindness!
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  15. Don’t worry about blogging or what ur house looks like! Just take care of yourself and what you have to do to make yourself healthy again! Hugs and prayers!

  16. definitely prayers re your challenges. are you having to d anything to encourage the passing of the stones???like flooding them out with liquids ?

  17. Thanks so much for your prayers, Brenda! Drinking lots of fluids should flush them out…I have a lot of stones to pass…several in each kidney.

  18. I needed to hear that, Jan. I have the hardest time letting “responsibilities” go….Thanks for the encouragement!

  19. That is so thoughtful!

  20. Thank you, Julia. And I need wisdom to know when to be strong and when it’s okay to be “weak”

  21. Awww, it’s so good to know that I was missed. 😉 Thanks Cindy!

  22. Im so sorry to hear you are going through this trial Sharon. My prayers are with you. I look forward to hearing of your full recovery soon!

  23. Praying for you!!

  24. I know it’s easier said than done b/c I’m the same way! But I started a new approach with that, saying I can do that tomorrow. It’s alot better than being over tired b/c you want to get that last thing done before going to sleep. Your health should come first! Hugs and prayers!

  25. You are so right! Feel free to remind me from time to time. 😉
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  26. I will add my prayers to the others that you feel better soon. Be strong, hold on, it will happen soon. God bless xx

  27. I am grateful for your prayers and encouragement, Karen. I have been feeling better lately.

  28. Thank you for coming by my site and following me so that I can pray for you, too. I’ so glad you are feeling better, but I’ll pray for complete recovery.

  29. That is so, so sweet! I look forward to getting to know you.

  30. When I clicked the like it was to send a message of empathy. I had kidney stones as a teenager and i can so relate. Luckily, mine passed through quickly but painfully. I do hope your discomfort and pain is taken care of soon. My thoughts are with you.

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