Seasonal Mantel Decor

Last year, my winter mantel reflected the outdoor climate: cold, gray and dormant.

mercury glass vase, twigs, pallet, winter, home decor, d.i.y., urns, mantel, mirror

I couldn’t wait to bring new life to the mantel with some Spring color and budding flowers.

nest, cloche, mirror, tulips, mercury vases, bird, art, mantel, home decor, d.i.y.

The summer mantel embraces the unencumbered lifestyle of kids playing outside til dark.

candle sticks, round mirror, mantel, decorative jack, summer decor

Now that the days are shorter and the temperatures are cooler, I’m planning a bountiful Fall mantel with colorful leaves and hints of harvest.

I have the perfect inspiration piece…

art, Fall, english, vintage, hunting scene


and I’m gathering ideas.  Stay tuned…

Until next time,



  1. Sharon, it look levely. Hope you are feeling ok.


  2. How are you feeling????? I hope you have gotten some relief. Can’t wait to see your Fall mantle.

  3. Thanks for asking, Pinky. You’ve made me feel cared for. I spent most of yesterday in bed, but once I got moving and going about my day, I felt better. Sometimes, I just need to get over that mental hump and start my day regardless of how I’m feeling…typically when I do that, I’m distracted from the discomfort. I guess that was a long answer to your question…yes, I did get some relief. I can’t wait to see my Fall mantel too, LOL!

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