Fall Mantel

autumn, changing leaves

fall bunting, leaf garland, mantel, home decor, fall decor, fireplace

harvest time, pumpkin patches

rattan pumpkins, mantel, candles, candlesticks, barley twist, garland, leaves, fall, art, fireplace

sitting by the fire

autumn, fall, mantel, decor, vignette, leaf garland, candles, barley twist candle sticks, bunting, pumpkins, rattan


Until next time,


I’m sharing my mantel at Traditions N-S-E-W linky party


  1. Nice mantel! Even though I don’t want fall to come b/c next comes the dreaded winter! Hopefully your feeling better! Hugs and prayers!

  2. I’m feeling much better, Jan. You’re so thoughtful. I’m not too crazy about winter either…I wish it was only for the month of December. After the New Year, I’m ready for Spring.

  3. I LOVE the garland! I hope to make that soon . . . and of course I’ll link back to you. 🙂 Thank you for the great idea!!! 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you were inspired…that’s the best compliment I could receive!!

  5. Very pretty mantel. How are you feeling?


  6. I’m feeling much better! Thank you so much for asking.

  7. Love the haiku – or is fire 2 syllables? And your mantel is gorgeous!

  8. haha! for the sake of the haiku, fire is one syllable, but if you were to hear me pronounce it with my Texas accent, it has two syllables!

  9. Hi Sharon…I found you when you found me on Hometalk (I believe…it’s hard to keep up with this crazy blog world!) I love your mantel, I’m going to go lurk around your site a bit so you may see a few more comments.

    Eva @ RiverCliffCottage


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