Decorating for Fall

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Anytime something goes missing in our house, I automatically get the blame.  Stands to reason, since I’m a bit of a minimalist.  Less is more in my book.

stuffed owl, blankets, decorative pillow, basket, fall, autumn

And if I no longer have a use for something, I tend to get rid of it.  Like this floral arrangement that I made several years ago.

fall, home decor, flowers, autumn, seasonal decor, foyer, entry

I used to keep it out year round.  But then I decided that I didn’t want to look at autumnal colors all the time.

So, the flowers were destined for the give away pile, but going against my OCD urges, I decided to store the arrangement instead.

blankets, pillows, fall, autumn, couch, living room, home decor

It was so much fun pulling the arrangement out of my “prop” closet last night and finding just the right spot for it as I decorated into the wee hours of the morning.

floral arrangement, fall, autumn, entry, foyer, vignette, home decor

I realized, after putting the finishing touches on my Fall decor today, that I’ve turned into a real live grown up who has collected enough stuff to store and then take out for just the right occasion.

cloche, pinecones, ceramic pumpkins, cloche, home decor books, french country, chalk paint pen, coffee table, vignette

So, the next time Mr. Hines accuses me of throwing something away, I’m going to tell him to ……check the prop closet. 😉

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  1. SOOn, I, too will be able to deorate for fall:):) Have a beautiful weekend.

  2. ooohhh, i love your owl pillow. that is so cute! …and i really like your fall floral arrangement too. aren’t you glad you kept it?!

  3. Tami @ Curb Alert! says:

    Very pretty. I love fall colors! Thank goodness my husband doesnt know about all thats stashed away in the prop closet(s), prop drawers, prop garage, etc.

  4. I am very glad, Jennifer. The owl pillow came from Marshall’s HomeGoods last year. I almost got rid of it too!

  5. I’m so excited for you Pinky…and I am looking forward to seeing your Fall decor. How’s your husband? Any results yet?

  6. That’s too funny! I love Fall colors too. My house feels so warm and cozy now.

  7. I LOVE that cloche! What a pretty look and those pottery pumpkins are so sweet. Happy Sunday!

  8. How pretty Sharon. LOVE that owl, and the cloche is super cute too. Happy Sunday to you.

  9. Happy Sunday to you too sweet lady! The owl came from Marshall’s HomeGoods last year…it was actually purchased for my classroom and almost went into the give away pile too! The cloche is from Decor Steals (formerly WUSLU) I’m loving it!

  10. Happy Sunday! I got the cloche last Spring through Decor Steals ( formerly WUSLU). I love the versatility. The pottery pumpkins are from Garden Ridge. My sweet husband surprised me and bought them for me after I had commented on how much I loved them.

  11. Lovely fall decor and I have a prop closet too… more of a cupboard, but it sure hides a lot until it’s needed! Thanks much for visiting my blog and your sweet comment!

  12. Your home looks so cozy and comfortable – I would love to come over for a coffee and chat in your living room! Thanks for linking up to the Traditions Thanksgiving Linky Party!

  13. Happy to link up and to be a part of the party. Thank you so much for organizing it!

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