French Country Decor in the Breakfast Room

french country, art, breakfast room, home decor, kitchen I knew I had to have it when Pamela at From My Front Porch to Yours, posted it on Facebook.

And this one too.

art, french country, home decor, breakfast room, kitchen, cow, picture

Then, a few days later, I snatched this one out of Pamela’s hands too.

countryside, cows, pasture, art, picture, french country, home decor, kitchen, breakfast room

The younger me would have had them hung the second I got them home.  The forty something me waited a few weeks.

d.i.y., chalkboard, french script memory board, sunflowers, hooks, art, picture

While age has slowed me down a bit, it hasn’t kept me from hammering nails at two o’clock in the morning.

cow, art, roosters, decorative pillows, bench, breakfast room, kitchen, french country decor, home decor

While I was at it, I rearranged the vignette in the window.

sunflowers, french country, embroidery, plaque, basket, window seat, breakfast room, kitchen

Nothing like a full night’s work to keep a girl going. 😉  Are you night owl or an early bird?

table, placemats, rooster, decorative pillow, window, cane chairs, ladder back chairs, french country, home decor

My next project in the breakfast room is to hang shutters on either side of the window.

Until next time,



  1. Shannon Fox says:

    hahaha. Hanging them at 2am huh? They are beauties. Great finds from Pam! She has some CUTE stuff 🙂

  2. Yes, she does. And I’m lucky enough to live close enough to get my merchandise from her in person. So fun to have IRL friends that started as blogging friendships..

  3. Very, very pretty Sharon….well, nowadays, I am much going on for me in a very short period of time….but normally, I am an early bird….there is nothing like getting up in the morning and watching the sunrise…that is a beautiful start of the day…when awaking to a new dawn….

  4. Beautiful Sharon…can’t wait to see those shutters too…I am both a night owl and an early bird…depends on responsibilities 🙂

  5. Love the prints! So pretty. I am definitely a night owl too:)

  6. Sharon I love the frame on that picture and the toile in the background. Very pretty.

  7. Very cute. I like it a lot…but French Country style always wins in my book! 🙂

  8. It always wins in my book too! It has been my preferred style for years now.

  9. Cynthia, I don’t think one can ever have too much toile. Glad you like it.

  10. Just lovely, Sharon! That aged, crackled look gets me every time! The large pastoral is just the right scale for that wall and I think the shutters will be a perfect touch. Have a wondeful week!

  11. Thank you, Pinky. So glad to know I’m in good company when I’m scurrying around the house in the middle of the night.

  12. Thank you, Mary! I hope all is well with you!!

  13. Julie, I’ve been a night owl for as long as I can remember, but would love to be an early bird. And I’ll be sure to reveal the shutters when I get them.

  14. i hope things settle down for you once the blogger conference is over. I’m impressed with everything I’ve seen regarding it! Y’all are doing a great job. And I’d love to be an early bird..on the occasions that I have started my day bright and early, I have really enjoyed it. I agree that there is something really special about the dawn of a new day.

  15. Oh so beautiful! Love the vintage mirror…
    I am a night owl, but with my job I have to get up early so even on days off I can’t sleep in any more (not that the cats would let me!). Something about working ‘undercover’ of the night…

  16. It all looks great! cannot wait to see the shutters!

  17. I can’t wait to see the shutters either! Maybe you can find me some on the curb. 😉

  18. Katherines Corner says:

    Very pretty, well done you little night owl you. xo

  19. Thank you, Katherine. As much as I would love to be a morning person, trying to deny my inner night owl is futile. 🙂

  20. Love the new look Sharon. Fall decoration is such fun. I just finished re-papering the entry so hopefully I can get things back together to do my Fall decorating in there. Loving the change.
    Audrey Z.

  21. Thank you, Audrey! How’s the Fall decorating coming along?

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