$17 Front Porch Fall Makeover

autumn greetings plaque, fall, porch, decor, columns, curb appealI set out this past weekend to decorate my front porch for Fall.

lantern, gourds, pumpkins, leaves, porch, decor, design, curb appeal

When decorating on a budget, my first step is to consider what I already have.

fall, decor, design, porch, curb appeal, flowers, pumpkins

Then, I determine a budget for incidental purchases.  The budget for the porch was $20.

rake, leaves, outdoor rug, rocker, porch, fall, autumn, decor, design, curb appeal

My secret for decorating on a budget is to decorate with what I have on hand BEFORE going shopping.

pumpkins, planter, harvest, yard sign, plants, porch, decor, design, fall, autumn

I find that it saves me from making unnecessary purchases.

basket, pumpkin, leaves, water can, planter, pot, plants, porch, door mat, stick, decor, design, porch fall, autumn, harvest

After a trip to Trader Joe’s for a few pumpkins and a couple of celosia plants,

shepherds hook, yard sign, wood plaque, planter, plants, door, wreath, decor, design, porch, fall, autumn, porch column

the finishing touches were in place.

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  1. Love your front porch decor Sharon! Looks so festive and cheery, I love the pumpkins in the hurricane! So excited about our Thanksgiving Traditions Linky Party starting tomorrow! It will be loads of fun 🙂

  2. Thank you, Heather. I bought that hurricane for summer decor and was going to put it away for Fall, but at the last minute decided to throw in some mini pumpkins and keep it out. I’m glad I did. I’m also super excited about our Thanksgiving Traditions Link party!!

  3. Looks so pretty, warm and welcoming SHaron. Thanks so much for sharing with me and the newbies. Enjoy.

  4. I found your blog thru Debbie’s Hibiscus House blog. I am so glad I did,I rally enjoyed reading your post.s

  5. It’s so pretty and inviting! I love that you work on a budget!

  6. Working on a budget is a blessing in disguise! It forces one to be resourceful and creative. I’m so glad to hear that the porch looks inviting. Thank you for taking time to share that!

  7. I am so inspired. I love what you have done with your fall decor! Thank you for sharing. Take Care, Thea.

  8. Sharon,

    Your front porch looks amazing! What a fun way to celebrate the season! I love decorating on a budget and I LOVE that urn!


  9. Love your front porch Sharon! Those pumpkins in the hurricane are a great idea!

  10. Thank you, Kari. I’ve had that urn for several years now and almost threw it away. Glad I kept it! Thanks for visiting!

  11. Looks Great Sharon. Nice to be able to use what we have and only add just to little to freshen it up. My porch is in progress and hope to finish it this week. Re-papering the Entry is finally finished, so maybe I can get on with other stuff.
    Audrey Z.

  12. Thank you, Audrey. I love having stuff on hand…all those years of starting from scratch have created a stockpile. No need for shopping. 😉

  13. Love your fall porch. I am a big fan of reusing things from around the home and displaying them in a totally new way. I call it a ‘being creative challenge’ . LOL. Great job!

  14. I like that expression, Laura! I love the tagline on your blog: you’ll never know unless you try…my sentiments exactly! It must be a teacher thing. 😉

  15. Sharon,
    Your front porch looks very nice. Love the little lantern with pumpkins in it! I’ve not done any decorating outside yet, unless you want to count planting several pots of mums.

  16. 17$ for that amazingness Sharon?? That’s incredible – it looks so beautiful – love that urn too 🙂 THanks for linking up to the Tradtions Thanksgiving Linky Party 🙂

  17. Featured your post on my blog today! Thanks for linking up to the Traditions Linky Party 😀

  18. Oh, wow! Thank you!!

  19. Hey there! Looks great! Sorry I’ve been quite around here for a bit. Everything looks wonderful!! Hope you are doing well. Happy Fall!

  20. Everything looks so nice Sharon! So happy you didn’t throw that urn away! 😉 ~ Julie

  21. Me too, Julie! I’m learning that my own trash can be my treasure.

  22. Your porch is lovely!

  23. Thank you so much, Tammy.

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