Pork Tenderloin in Raspberry Chipotle Sauce and Fall Mantel Decor

Hey y’all, I’m so excited to be sharing my family’s Thanksgiving traditions with you!

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I feel so honored to be in the company of my wonderful co-hosts  At The Picket FenceFreckled LaundryIt’s So Very CheriSetting for FourNotes From A Cottage Industry and Three Mango Seeds  as we travel from North to South, East to West, and from Canada to the US to share each other’s Thanksgiving traditions as well as share wonderful Thanksgiving crafts, DIY’s, decor and recipes!

We began with our neighbor to the North, Heather from Setting for Four, as she shared her Canadian traditions.  Both Heather’s table setting and Maple Syrup Acorn Squash recipe are so refined and elegant.  She and her family cap off the festivities with an afternoon stroll surrounded by Autumn beauty.  {sigh}

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Then, we traveled to the NorthWestern part of the states to visit Tracey at A Cottage Industry.  The pumpkin maple cake sounds so heavenly!  With all of those Thanksgiving meal leftovers, who couldn’t use a to-go station?

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Tracey even shared the printable that she created.  I can’t wait to surprise my family with this cute sign.

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Today, I’m takin’ y’all to the SouthWest.  Welcome to Texas! It’s true what they say, we do everything BIG in Texas.  I suppose that explains my “all or nothin’ ” attitude.  Or maybe, I got it from my Dad.  He wasn’t too thrilled during the holidays when some of us could come over and others were expected at their in-laws.  He wanted all of us together at the same time.  So, now we rotate every other year and either have Thanksgiving with our parents or with our in-laws.

When we have Thanksgiving together, we have turkey and all the trimmings: savory corn bread dressing, mashed potatoes loaded with butter and all sorts of scrumptious casseroles.  We each bring the same dish year after year, and Dad always carves the turkey.  Oh, and Thanksgiving is always at Mom and Dad’s house.  I hosted one year, but my little sister said it just didn’t feel like Thanksgiving.  Thanks lil sis.

On the “off” year, we created a new family tradition we call “Fall Family Potluck.”   It’s typically held during the end of October or early November, and I get to host.  It’s not really a true potluck because we decide on a theme and assign dishes.  A couple of years ago, we had Pork Tenderloin in Raspberry Chipotle Sauce.  This pork tenderloin recipe is definitely a company-worthy dish than can be served year round or for special occasions.
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During the years that I host the Potluck, I do a little extra Fall decorating.  This year we’ll be gathering at Mom and Dad’s for Thanksgiving, so I kept the decor simple.

mantel, fall decor, leaf garland, rattan, pumpkins, vase, clock book, candles, barley twist candle sticks

pinecones, vase, book, clock, mantel, autumn, fall, decor, decorate, seasonal decor

The vase pictured above sat on the church altar with a rose bud commemorating the birth of our daughter fourteen years ago.  I love the natural patina that has evolved over time.

leaf garland, pinecones, rattan pumpkins, mantel, fall, autumn, decorate, seasonal decor

A few rattan pumpkins mixed with pinecones embellish the seasonal decor.  The blue wall serves as a backdrop for the vibrant colors of Fall.

mantel, seasonal decor, leaf garland, fireplace, slipper chair, step stool, throw pillow, throw blanket, animal print, art, candles

No matter whether it’s Thanksgiving or the Fall Family Potluck, we draw names for Christmas.  It’s such a fun time with the family.  Just talking about it has me waxing nostalgic and wishing it was Thanksgiving.  Soon enough.  In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the cooler temperatures and changing colors.

Now, it’s your turn to share  your family traditions, favorite recipes and fall decor.


Come back next Wednesday, October 24th, when I’ll feature some of your projects, and we’ll meet up with Heather and Vanessa At the Picket Fence to see how they celebrate Thanksgiving in the MidWest and NorthWest.

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  1. Love your post Sharon!!!! You nailed it!!! I felt like I had just sat down in that chair in front of your fireplace with a cup of coffee and had a great chat with you about your family traditions! Your recipe looks soooo incredibly delish – we love pork tenderloin! Your mantle is so pretty and I love the mettallic tones of your beautiful vase, clock and candlesticks! Thanks so much for hosting this week! I am pinning your recipe and mantle to my Traditions Linky Party board on Pinterest! Beautiful post 😀

  2. I’m with Heather…great post. Your recipe looks delicious. I’m not much of a pork eater, but I would try that! I love the idea of the Fall Family Potluck when you aren’t doing Thanksgiving with them. Pretty mantle too. xo Jami

  3. Sharon – your pork tenderloin looks delish! I’m sure when my kids are grown that I’ll feel just like your dad! I will want everybody here at home! Although, sounds like you have created another tradition with Fall Family Potluck night. Love it!

  4. I loved your story Sharon…your Dad sounds very special. This party is so cute! I love all the blogs involved. I have never been to Texas…maybe some day! ~ Julie

  5. Jami, thanks for making me smile. I couldn’t be more tickled that y’all like the post. Thank you!

  6. I’m just discovering your delightful blog tonight for the first time. It’s so much fun over here! I live in Canada, so we’ve already celebrated one Thanksgiving. But, I grew up in Montana, so we use that as an excuse to celebrate another Thanksgiving on American Thanksgiving day! Our boys never seem to tire of turkey dinner! Thanks for hosting this party. I’ll be back!:)

  7. I haven’t been receiving any of your posts. I will refollow you and see if that fixes the problem.


  8. Thanks, Cynthia. I think my email subsribers were lost when I moved to self-hosted WordPress a few weeks ago. I wonder how to fix that? I’ll look into.

  9. hi Sharon … love your post … the pork roast looks so good and your decorations are beautiful. Our Thanksgiving is always Turkey, dressing and giblet gravy. Of course, I always have to make the dressing and gravy. I will work on getting a post ready for your party. Looks like a lot of fun filled with so many creative bloggers.
    Audrey z. http://audreyzumwalt.blogspot.com/
    Timeless Treasures

  10. Tami @ Curb Alert! says:

    My husband LOVES pork tenderloin. I’ll have to try your recipe. Lovin your mantel!


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