sunday supper

Last Sunday, since we had lots of leftover beans, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to put some new recipes to the test and  cook a big Sunday supper.

We had:

~Chopped Autumn Salad

~Arkansas green beans


~White rice

~Pinto beans

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The salad and green beans were both recipes that I had found on Pinterest and saved to my recipe board.

I was nervous that my family, especially Mr. Hines, wouldn’t care for the salad since it has nuts and dried cranberries in it.  He likes his salad more on the House or Chef side.

It was also questionable if the green beans would go over well since they were not smothered in cream of mushroom soup.

I’m happy to share that both the salad and the green beans were a big hit with the whole family!  So, these recipes have been put to the “pin test” and they both get an A+.

Do you have a Sunday supper tradition at your house?

See you in class,


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