Sunday Supper: The Perfect Baked Potato

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Last Sunday couldn’t have been lovelier.

For the second week in a row, we ( I ) cooked a Sunday meal and ate at home.

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Because the kitchen table was cluttered with computers, homework papers and school books, we decided to sit in the dining room, which made the occasion feel extra special.

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And while the meal was good, the company was even better.  The three of us visited, laughed and really enjoyed being together.

We all agreed that we’d like to spend more Sundays gathered around the dining table as a family.

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While I really enjoy a little Cane’s chicken on a Sunday afternoon, this was way better.  I’m not sayin’ we won’t be back at Cane’s some Sundays, but family moments like we had last week are what it’s all about in my book.

What are you favorite family moments?

See you in class,

Mrs. Hines


  1. My favorite family moments are from years gone by – when I was younger, we always had huge Holiday dinners gathered around my grandparents. All the cousins, aunts/uncles, etc. sat around the main dining room table while others sat at teh “kiddie” table. There weres so many of us! Chrstams dinner was always the same – Spaghetti w/ Brown sauce. Just thinking about it, makes me smile.
    Another moment was just between my father and myself – He would sneek into my room in the middle of the night to watch old westerns with him. I fell in love w/ “The Duke” that way. It wasn’t until 39 years later, that my mom told me she knew all the time what he was doing! Talk about a “balloon being popped!”. I still consider those as special moments between my father and myself though.
    There are other great family memories – but that’s what they are – just memories. We are grown and gone – scattered all over, so it is very difficult to get us all together for one reason or another…

  2. With my children grown and on their own, my favorite dinners are any that I get to spend time with them as a family.

  3. How special, Terri. It used to be that we had big family gatherings on both sides of the family for Christmas, and like your family, there were lots of people with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I’m so thankful for those rich memories since my grandparents are gone now. My extended family on my mom’s side still gathers for Christmas and we still have a kid table. I’ve missed the last few years, so I’m looking forward to it this year.

    Thank you for sharing your memories with me.

  4. I always look forward to family time with my parents and siblings. It’s one of the joys of life. I’m sure your kids and their families appreciate those meal times too.

  5. You are so right! I love time spent with my family! It is such a time of laughter and joy and amazing blessings!

    Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Kari!

  7. Sharon, what a great post! We don’t have a lot of evenings when we can all sit down together as a family…we are all so busy with sports and meetings and such. But when we do, it’s magic! Life gets so busy, so hectic. Sharing that time, having each others full attention is priceless. I keep saying I’m going to implement a “sacred” family dinner night. Time to make it happen 😉

  8. I love how you phrased it, Sherry “magic.” And as we know, it’s not quantity, but quality. Do it when you can, and let yourself off the hook if it’s not as often as you like. 😉


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