We Gather Together for Thanksgiving Traditions N-S-E-W

We enjoyed a lovely dinner with friends the other night.  My favorite part is the visiting and fellowship.  There’s something about “breaking bread” together that bonds people together.  A relationship can quickly go from acquaintances to friends over the course of a dinner conversation.

Tonight’s dinner conversation led to tales of  “the first thanksgiving with the in-laws.”

Our friend said that on his first Thanksgiving meal with his wife’s family, that they welcomed him as the honored guest by saving him the turkey neck from the giblets.   Not knowing they were teasing, and wanting to fit in with his new family, he indulged them, doing his best to eat that turkey neck.

That conversation led to discussion of how our momma’s make dressing and gravy.  Down here, it’s all about the cornbread stuffing and giblet gravy.  All our momma’s gravy recipes had boiled eggs in common.  Getting the gravy just right  seems to take a special touch that is figured out after years of practice.    I did mention it’s giblet gravy, right?  It just wouldn’t be the same without it.

Mmmmm, my mouth is watering just talking about it.  My mom’s cornbread dressing, smothered in giblet gravy, is my FAVORITE part of the Thanksgiving meal.  I’m so glad this is a “thanksgiving year” with my family.

All that talk of cornbread dressing led to talk of how the recipe for stuffing differs all across the country.  I’ve always been fascinated by various cultures and their traditions, which made being a hostess in the Thanksgiving Traditions N-S-E-W link party really fun for me.

Seeing your recipes,

your Fall decor

and hearing about some of your traditions made me feel like we sat down to dinner together and bonded over conversation.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

See you in class,

Mrs. Hines




  1. Everything was perfect …I wish I could join your families in celebrating thanksgiving. You did a great job here… =).

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