this is the way we clean the bathroom

Okay, class, today your assignment is to watch the video and then read the notes below. ;)

Whew! How much can a girl sweat from cleaning?! I never had this problem til I hit my forties. Oh well, that’s another topic for another day.

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I want to share with you a few bathroom cleaning tips. The first one comes from One Good Thing by Jillee. One of her readers cleaned houses for something like 20 years and left Jillian with tips on “how to clean the bathroom like a pro.” My favorite tip was letting the toilet bowl brush drip dry over the commode.

housecleaning, cleaning products for the bathroom, household tips

This next tip, believe it or not, was new to me the first time I read it in a magazine. It’s pretty common sense though, and that is to dust and clean from top to bottom. You want to work your way down so that you don’t get dirt on already clean surfaces.

household tips, housecleaning, bathroom cleaning products

And last, after being frustrated with “the blue stuff” and other multi-surface cleaners, I am so pleased to finally find a window and mirror cleaning product that really works. You can even use it on your windshield.  Fish Foam products can be purchased online  at  While you’re there, check to see if you have a Fish Window Cleaning location near you.

household tips, cleaning products, housekeeping

I love a sparkling, clean bathroom!

housekeeping, cleaning products, household tips

See you in class,

Mrs. Hines


  1. Oh no…now I’m going to be cleaning bathrooms tomorrow!!! Thanks for the tips…that brush one is a keeper for sure!!!

  2. ps…I have to get some of that!!! Great video!

  3. Julie, I had put it off so long…couldn’t wait another day. I love that brush tip. It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

  4. You can get it online at

  5. Terri Jay says:

    Mirror streaks are the what I dread the most about cleaning the bathroom. I have found many great productis over the years – but I have nerver run across fishfoam befor. I will be checking it out very soon.

  6. For someone who eres on the side of OCD, mirror streaks are a thorn in my side. Fish Foam can be ordered online, if you decide to get it.

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