Bed and Breakfast Room

Remember the Incredible Hulk? If you made David Banner angry, well, you didn’t want to see him when he was angry. He turned into this green hulk and destruction always followed in his path.

Well, I’ve been like the Incredible Hulk lately, only not angry, but motivated. I’ve blown through this house like a tornado, picking up the “stuff” and dropping it in new places.

Just the other night, my husband said, “I’d like to know why there’s a bed in our breakfast room.”

home decor, cottage style, french country

“What bed?” I asked, feigning ignorance.

“That big bed sitting right there.”

“That’s not a bed,” I said. “It’s a daybed.”

“Why do you have a daybed in our breakfast room?”

“Because I can’t afford to buy a loveseat.” I replied matter of factly.

To which he answered, “A couch?! No one, ever, anywhere, puts a couch in their breakfast room.”

Dont make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

So, I pulled out the most powerful weapon I could think of…Pinterest! He didn’t make me draw, though. Just the mere thought of me pulling up Pinterest to prove my point put an end to his doubt.

I went on to explain that the daybed served many purposes: a place to read, or relax and provide extra seating.

cottage style, home decor, french country decor

He conceded, but he thinks I’ll get tired of it in a month and move it out. I won’t, but if I did, that’s my prerogative. I love the daybed in this room. And the mantel. And the sheets as curtains.

home decor, cottage style, french country cottage

Together, these elements create that cozy, inglenook feel from the days of old: the keeping room with the fireplace and chairs nestled close so that company could keep warm while the host cooked over the fire.

home decor, cottage style, french country cottage


Now, the breakfast room can be enjoyed throughout the day.  I think I’ll be doing lots of daydreaming perched upon that daybed.

See you in class,

Mrs. Hines

I’m sharing my daybed at The Scoop link party.


  1. Sharon, looks very cozy. I think I would have to take a nap or two in there as well.

  2. I love how cozy it looks. I would certainly curl up there with a cup of tea and something to read (or my laptop). Love the painting over your mantel too.

  3. Thank you, Grace. I’m flattered that you find it cozy. I’m really enjoying that painting too.

  4. Tami, when it warms up a little, I can imagine opening the window and enjoying an afternoon nap.

  5. What a fun little spot to stop and daydream! Love how you’ve staged it ~ so inviting with tray and book.

  6. I love that…stop and dream. From now on that’s how I’ll think of this little spot.

  7. Hi Sharon,
    I think it’s charming! Love to think of you lounging there with a cup of coffee!

  8. Thank you, Cynthia. I value your opinion! Wish we could join each other for a cup of coffe.

  9. Preach it sister!! Tell your husband, I have a daybed on my back porch along with a china cabinet, and another daybed 1/4 mile away down by the creek in our treehouse. Oh yeah, daybed in the breakfast room? That’s NORMAL!! And I had to carry that sucker down to the creek!

  10. I love the whole thing! I put a sofa which I inherited from two aunts in mine. It has become the go-to crashing place in our house. The first time I saw a sofa in the kitchen was years ago in (I think) Architectural Digest. It belonged to Sally Quinn, and I thought it was the best idea I ever saw and always wanted to do it.

  11. LOL! Anita, I can just see you carrying that daybed down to the creek. I’ll have to show my husband the pictures on your blog of your daybed on the back porch. Thanks for the solidarity!

  12. Thank you! I bet the sofa you inherited is just beautiful. I just love the idea of furniture in the breakfast room. I was hesitant to use the daybed instead of a love seat at first, but I love the casual air that it lends to the space. Thank you for visiting!

  13. what a fabulous cozy retreat! so inviting…. i could nap there!

  14. I’m hoping my family finds it to be a good napping spot.

  15. Mrs. Hines,
    I have asked this question before, but lost the answer. I love the cow print in your breakfast room and you told me the name of the store from which it was purchased. Would you care to send me that again?


  16. Hi Jan, I ordered the cow print from Finch & Co. Designs … here’s the website You will find it under the “adornments” category. If it’s out of stock, you might message the owner so she can get one for you.

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