10 Helpful Hints to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Are you getting ready to Spring Clean?  Here are 10 cleaning tips to help you freshen your home.  Just click on each sub-title for instructions.



Do you know how often you should vacuum each week?

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Carpet Stain Removal

This homemade carpet stain remover lifts stains instantly.

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Cleaning Stainless Steel

There’s no need to buy special cleaners.  Find out what made my stainless steel appliances shine like new.

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Deodorizing the Disposal

Fight kitchen odors with this all natural deodorizer.  You probably already have all of the ingredients on hand.

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Cleaning the Microwave

You’ll have that dried on mess gone in no time with this all-natural tip.


Cleaning the Washing Machine

Even the washing machine needs to be cleaned.  In between cleaning, keep the lid open to prevent that mildew smell.

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Dont’ give up on those dingy whites.  This tip really works!

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Homemade Tub and Shower Cleaner

This homemade tub and shower cleaner works, but find out why I won’t use it again.

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 Simple Trick for Cleaning the Toilet

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Household Odor Remover

Just painted?  Does your house smell like last night’s dinner?  Get rid of unwanted odors over night.

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See you in class,

Mrs. Hines




  1. Great tips!! I’m not vacuuming enough…ugg. I prefer Pledge too! I do use the shower and tub cleaner but only for my glass and faucets. It did work fabulously for that but I prefer good ole “comet” for my scrubbing! Great post!!~~Angela

  2. This was a great post Sharon. Are you really that happy when you vacuum? Looks like you are enjoying yourself! Thanks for all of the cleaning tips 🙂

  3. Thank you, Tami! It always encourages me when an fellow blogger says that. No, I don’t always look or feel that cheeful when vacuuming…which may be why I don’t vacuum often enough. LOL!

  4. Great tips Sharon…love your pic with the vacuum cleaner…You look like a happy homemaker!!!

  5. Thank you, Shirely. I am quite the happy homemaker…even if I don’t really vacuum with a smile. 😉

  6. this post has so much great info packed in! I especially love the how to w/ the whites! I just throw out all my white tees every spring/summer and buy more!!! I’m going to try and pin several of these! Thank you bunches!

  7. I’m SO glad you found this post helpful. Good luck with those whites!

  8. You have such wonderful tips, Sharon! I just wish you had a great tip on motivating one’s self to actually want to clean 😉 I have to go check out that post about getting your dingy whites bright again…I need that one bad!

  9. If you find that tip on motivation, be sure to let me know! LOL

  10. Sharon you look so cute with a vacuum in your hands… want to come do mine! Great tips BTW

  11. If only I were really vacuuming. 😉 But I’d love to come visit!

  12. Love it!! And I adore the picture of you vacuuming too!! 😉
    xo, Claire

  13. These are some awesome tips Sharon! You look so cute and happy cleaning:) Is it my computer that is making the comment pictures elongated?

  14. Thanks, girl!

  15. Love all these tips! Getting ready to spring clean myself so this was good timing!

  16. I’m so glad the timing worked out for you, Heather. Thanks for visiting!

  17. You are too cute! Love the tips thanks!!!! xo

  18. You know I love your tips, Sharon! Thanks for sharing these – I need to get my butt in gear with some overdue cleaning! Pinned!

  19. Great tips for sure!! Thanks for the reminders too and maybe I’ll tackle a few of them today (did I say maybe?)!

  20. Thanks SO much Sharon! I DO need to vaccuum more. I thought with just 2 of us living here, it shouldn’t have to be that often. Good tips to know! Pinned 🙂

  21. I need to vacuum more, too Meegan. It’s so easy to put off til tomorrow. Next thing I know, I haven’t vacuumed in a month. 😉

  22. Great tips, Sharon – I definitely need all the help I can get! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and have a great Tuesday!

  23. Awesome tips, Sharon! I always roll my eyes when I clean my washer…I feel like it should be self-cleaning…LOL! 🙂

  24. Thanks, Kristi. I agree…cleaning a washing machine or dishwasher seems counterintuitive doesn’t it.

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