House Beautiful: Living Room

It’s a warm , sunny afternoon, and that couch is calling my name.


In just a few short minutes, I’ll be snuggled up under this blanket…



drifting off into a fantastical world,


filled with colorful dreams.


I’ll wake up to the sound of my girl walking through the door on this Friday afternoon, ready to start her weekend.



She’ll fill me in on her day, and then we’ll decide to watch an episode of “our show.”



Then, my knight in shining armor will come riding in on his white horse (or Mr. Hines will pull up in our Hyundai)  Did I say that out loud?  Of course they are one and the same.  🙂



We’ll spend the evening together, talking, laughing, eating and watching t.v. in our newly decorated living room.

Thank you Lamps Plus for the beautiful mirror.  It is just the sparkle that my living room needed.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you in class,

Mrs. Hines


  1. Looks so chic and cozy! I love the blue on the wall, too. Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂

    Diary of a Debutante

  2. Your room is very pretty and the mirror is perfect. Your evening sounds much like ours. 😉

  3. Thank you, Stephanie! Chic….I’ll take it. 🙂 Happy weekend to you, too!

  4. I love that mirror, too, Stacey. It really added a lot to the room. When I saw it online, I knew it would be perfect.

  5. I love the new mirror, Sharon. I couldn’t help but notice the “furry” throw. We each have one of those. We even took them on our getaway to Big Cedar. They are the coziest throw we have ever had.:-)

  6. I just love mirrors! Love the way they reflect and make a room feel bigger and brighter. Yours is gorgeous! Love the curves and I really like your blue wall! Have a wonderful weekend, Sharon!~~Angela

  7. Yes, that particular throw is the most popular in our home. You’re right it is SO cozy. I’m about to curl up under it now.

  8. Loving all the spucin and cleaning you been doing Sharon…I really do wish we lived closer, you would be that coffee talk friend that we would be moving things around and helping each other all the time. I had a BF in Florida like that, oh the fun we had. I miss her…none of my friends here in the Carolinas really dig this stuff..they just want me to do it for them LOL!

  9. Your living room looks so cozy and inviting. I would curl up on that sofa too, the throw looks SO soft and warm. XO, Pinky

  10. Yes! We’d make perfect neighbors. Coffee talk…or wine talk…:)

  11. Thank you, Pinky. That throw always keeps me company…kinda like Linus and his blanket. 😉

  12. Everything is so pretty!

  13. Kristin, considering that your blog is my favorite home decor blog, I am so very flattered by your compliment. Thank you!

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