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I love looking at other people’s landscaping. So much so that I have collected inspiration on Houzz, Pinterest and Hometalk.

Find Inspiration from this Collection of Relaxing Backyard Spaces at

Some of the ideas shared on Hometalk are inspiration for my own backyard designs.  Like this backyard shared by HGTV Gardens.  I love the secluded, secret garden feel of this tucked away seating area.

Find Inspiration from this Collection of Relaxing Backyard Spaces at

And this garden path with bench seating, also shared on Hometalk by HGTV Gardens.

Find Inspiration from this Collection of Relaxing Backyard Spaces at

It is my dream to have a pool and hot tub like this one by The Deck and Patio Company.  Unfortunately, our yard is far too small.  Although we do have space for a hot tub.

My friends that have hot tubs say that they are life changing.

Find Inspiration from this Collection of Relaxing Backyard Spaces at

I want our backyard to be a place where we can wake up with the sunrise, or relax at the end of the day.  I’m slowly but surely making progress.

To see more inspiring landscapes, visit my Backyard Spaces clipboard on Hometalk.

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  1. These are great! I have lots of ideas about my backyard, but they’re on the back burner.

  2. Isn’t it great to live in the part of the country where we can actually create another living space in the backyard and use it! We practically live outside on the weekends! I hope a hottub is i your future….you’ll LOVE it!~~Angela

  3. These are great, Sharon. I am on hold with gardening for quite a bit until we build our new home.


  4. Mine are on the backburner, until budget allows. Even so, it will be one small project at at time.

  5. I hope a hot tub is in my future too! Yes, I love that we can spend time outdoors…even if it is hot and humid. I love being outside.

  6. A new home sounds more exciting than gardening! 😉

  7. We did not realize when we oved here that there would be RESTRICTIONS on what we could do in our yard! So, some things that we would have done can not be done but we will make it as pretty as possible. My dream of a lilac hedge is not to be but I will have lilac bushes. Your pictures are beautiful inspiration. XO, Pinky

  8. I know how much you love gardening, Pinky. I’m sure whatever you create will be beautiful. I’m hoping that I can try some lilacs in my yard. I need to check and see if they will work in my zone.

  9. Great collection, Sharon! My backyard is one of my top projects right now, and these ideas are great! (Though some are a bit out of my reach, but hey, a girl can dream! )

  10. I’m dreaming right alongside you. 😉

  11. Love these spaces!! Thank you so much for sharing my DIY Firepit too! I feel so honored to be featured among all these beautiful backyards. 🙂 Can’t wait for the rainy weather to be done so we can get out and start working in the year and enjoying it!

  12. I love your firepit! I’m considering making one. Still trying to finalize my ideas for my backyard…with all of the inspiration, that’s hard to do. But like you, I love getting outside.

  13. Oh my goodness, Sharon, these are all gorgeous and inspiring!! Of course, OUR temperature is dropping back into the 40’s this week…so outdoors will have to wait a tiny bit longer. So it’s lovely to have this to look at! 🙂

  14. I have been sprucing up our outdoor spaces and now I have to figure out what will make them inviting and attractive so we want to hang out there more! Thanks for the great inspiration, Sharon!

  15. I can drive myself to indecision trying to figure out the design details. Inspirational photos usually help steer me in the right direction. I hope you found some good ideas for your own yard. Can’t wait to see what you do, Sherry.

  16. I never tire of looking at beautiful outdoor spaces. I hope the temps warm up soon for you.

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