120 Clever New Uses for Old Things

I’m a sucker for sentimental value. So, it makes my heart happy when someone is able to find a new uses for old things.

nautical wheel turned door wreath/ Find more new uses for old things at www.mrshinesclass.com
It was love at first sight when I saw this charming ship helm turned into a front door wreath.

Buy you a drink? This trendy little outdoor bar had a former life as a sewing table.

Sewing Table turned Bar Cart / Find More New Uses for Old Things at www.mrshinesclass.com


So many vintage treasures went into creating this potting bench turned outdoor kitchen.

Potting Bench turned Outdoor Kitchen / Discover more New Uses for Old Things at www.mrshinesclass.com

Now, I tend to lack vision when it comes to dreaming up new uses for old things.  So, not only have I curated a collection of over 120 ideas from Hometalk,

new uses for old things, upcycle, repurpose, thrifing

but, I turned to two ladies who are authors on the subject,  and them some, for inspiration.


Who are those ladies, you ask?   Susan from Living Rich on Less and Cristin from Eve of Reduction.


Susan is serious about creating a home on a dime, chocolate and cheese. 🙂 But more than being thrifty, Susan has set out to edit her life to make room for the people and things she cares about most. Susan also recently released an e-book, called ” The Heart Improvement Project: 5 Tips to Help you Overcome the Obstacles in Your Live and Live the Life you Crave.”




Cristin is also an author, who recently published her book, *“Live Simple, Free and Happy.” This is a DIY lifestyle book that gives you tips for taking control of your time, money and home.

refinished furniture, thrifing, DIY, roadside rescue, curbside rescue, dumpster diving

1920’s child’s dresser rescued from garbage: Eve of Reduction


Cristin and Susan are joining me today on “After Class” with Mrs. Hines, a live show on G+ where I team up with fellow bloggers and resident experts to talk all things Home & Garden. I’m so excited that they were both available today!

Please tune in for more inspiration on repurposing, upcycling, thrifting and so much more… 

And for more great inspiration on repurposing:

windows doors and drawers finished collage

Sherry at Pondered.Primed.Perfected has curated a collection of ideas for old windows, doors and drawers.

I’ll tell you what, if it weren’t for repurposed and reused furniture, my home would still be an empty house. Instead, it’s filled with inherited, hand-me-down and thrifted pieces that help tell our story, as homes should.


What if you could live the life you want in a home you love? Get the tools and resources you need fulfill your dreams of 'home sweet home' at Mrs. Hines' Class.

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See you in class,

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  1. Excited to hang out today!

  2. I’ll definitely try to make the hang out today! ~~Angela

  3. Yay, thank you so much for sharing my ship helm wreath, and I look forward to checking out the other projects as well 🙂

  4. You’re very welcome. I absolutely love it!

  5. Oh thank you…you sweet thing! Love seeing something repurposed or made over to be “new again”. I can’t get enough. You’ve put together some really awesome projects. 🙂

  6. I love your clipboard, Sherry. I was more than happy to share it.

  7. I’m loving these ideas. I bet I have several old things just waiting to have new uses.

  8. How fun! I’d love to see what you come up with. Thank you for visiting!

  9. Love these upcycle projects. So many clever ways to make old new again!

  10. You have found some great photos here! Wow, I love it all! Just started following you on hometalk~

  11. Welcome, Jenna! Hometalk is filled with inspiration.

  12. Sharon, I can’t wait to check ALL of these out, because….well, I have a LOT of old thing! 🙂 Thanks so much for all of the inspiration and tips! Have a great Sunday!

  13. I wish I had some old things! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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