How to Make Your Towels Smell Fresh Again

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“Do your towels stink?” Erica’s question got me thinking.

As a matter of fact, I had noticed the towels had lost that fresh feeling.

So, I pinned Erica’s solution and later put it to the test.

Discover the Secret to Fresh Smelling Towels at

How to Make Your Towels Smell Fresh:


~First, wash the towels in hot water and add about 2 cups of baking soda.


~Then, filling the basin with hot water again,  wash the  towels  a second time with 2 cups of vinegar.

Discover the Secret to Fresh Smelling Towels at

After taking them out of the dryer, they indeed did smell fresh.

Thanks for the tip, Erica!

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  1. Great tip! I have a bad habit of forgetting to throw the clean damp towels into the dryer and they get a musty smell! YUK! I’m definitely going to do this!~~Angela

  2. Great tip!


  3. jerri czosek says:

    I always combine the vinegar & baking soda for my towels or anything that has that musty smell & it works great. Especially with front load washers which spin so dry; if you don’t get them out right away & into dryer you have the dreaded smell. Love this easy solve.

  4. I love discovering tips like this! It makes homemaking such a pleasure.

    Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have a front load washer. I’m not the best when it comes to quickly taking clothes from the washer into the dryer.

  5. I have that same bad habit, Angela. With every little discovery of similarity, I think we must be twins separated at birth!

  6. You are so welcome! Thanks for linking back to me.
    We Three Crabs

  7. What a great tip to have. Every once in awhile I’ll find a towel that could smell fresher… or dish towels. Now I know what to do! Thanks!!!!

  8. Of course, Erica. It was my pleasure. I’m truly so glad for the tip.

  9. There’s nothing like that fresh smell of laundry.

  10. Great tip. Gonna try this!

  11. And to think I was tossing my towels and buying new ones. I guess it would be cheaper to buy baking soda and vinegar…lol

  12. It might save the life of your towels for a little while longer. I have a friend who things towels have a shelf life. LOL..she may be on to something.

  13. How do I use this with a front loading washing machine? Thanks

  14. Hi Tonya, folk with a front loading washing machine are telling me that they soak the clothes in a tub or basin first. Hope that helps!

  15. Karey Bart says:

    How does this work with a front load washer? Can I add it just like I do my detergent? Hope so.

  16. Karey, I’ve never had a front load washer. But, I’ve heard from those who have and they say that they do the soaking in a tub, then just wash their clothes as normal.

  17. this was happening too often to my towels and clothes. I discovered that the fabric softener dispenser was clogged and moldy. I cleaned it out thoroughly and problem solved! Now I add white vinager w/ a thinned solution of fabric softener. I no longer have this problem!

  18. So glad you found the problem. I love using vinegar in my laundry, too.

  19. So is the vinegar and/or baking soda also considered the soap for the clothes too? Do I need to wash a separate time with laundry detergent, if so before or after the vinegar? Sorry just confused if the vinegar is sufficient enough as a complete wash? Thanks!

  20. Hi Kim,

    Yes, the vinegar and baking soda are the soap, nothing else needed. If you want to do a final wash with detergent, you can.

  21. D'Ana Holland says:

    Thank you ladies for all the info and instruction on laundering towels. And getting that stinky smell out of the fabric softener dispenser. Happy laundering!!!

  22. You’re welcome!

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