House Beautiful: The Cozy Factor

Thank you to for providing the Easy Drapery Panels featured in this post.  

The other day, I told you that my Dad doesn’t readily ask for help, and that I take after him that way.

If I have the skills, then letting someone else do it for me is out of the question.  That includes sewing curtains.

I made most of the window treatments in my last house and this house was no exception.  I’ve made valances and a window cushion for the kitchen, drapery panels for the living room and shades for the foyer.

window treatments, curtains,, home decor, home accents


But, my taste has changed.  I sold the valance and window cushion, moved the drapery panels to the dining room, and am tired of the poofy shades in the foyer.

 home decor, valances, window treatments,, home accents

The idea of doing all of that sewing all over again was overwhelming.  It was time to swallow my pride.

So, I bought some very inexpensive panels for the living room that I planned to “customize.”  That would still count as DIY, I comforted myself.

The too-short panels hung lifeless and drab, never getting their makeover.   Then, I started the House Beautiful series, determined to get the “wow” factor in each room in my home.

If my living room was going to pass muster, I had to do something about the windows.


I scoured their vast fabric selection and once again, decided I had to swallow my pride and ask for help. scheduled a Face 2 Face Consultation with one of their design consultants.  I showed Stephanie my home via online chat.  She answered my questions and made suggestions.

home decor, window treatments, curtains, drapery, curtain panels,

A few days later, I received  fabric swatches in the mail.  I had so much fun playing decorator, narrowing down my choices., home decor, home accents, window treatments, curtains, drapery panels

Since my foyer and living room open to one another, I wanted coordinating fabrics.   I loved the fretwork pattern on the Donetta Cascade, the warmth of the Wilmington Buff and the cool, earthy tone of the Dalia Stone.

Once I made my choices, Stephanie submitted the order.  All the window treatments are custom-made. 

Even so, I was nervous about the quality.  What if the curtains were flimsy and thin and cheap looking?

home decor,, window treatments, curtains, drapery panels

I was pleasantly surprised!  The window panels are not only lined, but weighted as well.  The workmanship is very impressive.  I couldn’t have done a better job if I made them myself. 😉

home decor,, curtains, drapery panels, window treatments

I love that the panels are long enough to puddle, adding to the cozy factor.

home decor,, curtains, drapery panels, window treatments

The Wilmington Buff warms up the room, making it feel complete as my daughter noted.

home decor,, curtains, drapery panels, window treatments

The grommet panels add a modern touch to a traditional room.

Next on the living room to-do list:

~paint the magazine table next to the chair (What color do you recommend?)

~ upholster the coffee table to create a tufted ottoman ( What color and pattern of fabric would you choose?)

~ decide whether to slipcover the chair, couch or both (What would you do?)

~ replace the carpet with wood floors


And in a few weeks, I’ll reveal the new shades in the foyer.  (They’re beautiful!)

See you in class,

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  1. i am coming over next monday to watch the bachelorette! 🙂 If you are keeping the pillows how about painting the side table blue.

  2. Come on, girl! The pillows are seasonal, but blue is my favorite color. I’m curious, what shade/tone of blue do you envision?

  3. Love the new panels!! They’ll go with anything color or colors you decide to bring in!!! ~~Angela

  4. Thank you, Angela. I love a neutral background for that very reason.

  5. I would paint it a bold color! 🙂
    The curtains do look great!

  6. These curtains look so pretty and they are neutral so any color would work. A tufted chair and/or ottoman would look fabulous! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I will be waiting!


  7. those look so nice! I need to do something about our fishbowl

  8. The room is lovely but needs a little more color, look out your window or in your garden and find what wows you and you have your color for the side table.

  9. Nature is the best color palette! Thank you for the suggestion.

  10. They look really cute, Sharon! I don’t know how I would have been able to pick…beautiful fabric choices.

  11. I had a hard time picking!

  12. Those drapes are awesome, I love how they puddle. I “personally” would paint the side table the shade of blue in the pillow sitting on the far right of the sofa 🙂 Although, I would probably do the floors first, since they will make the entire room feel and look different. Your color ideas may change a bit, I know mine did 🙂

  13. I love these Sharon, they are gorgeous. They show off the high ceiling!

  14. Thank you. You’re right about the floors. Keeping my fingers crossed that we can do that sooner rather than later.

    My mind and decor are always changing. 🙂

  15. Thanks, girl. Love the high ceilings…makes a small space feel roomy.


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