Parade of Homes: 50+ Home Tours

I’m addicted to home tours.

Seeing floor plans, design ideas and the latest in home decor is as good as getting a bag full of mixed flavored saltwater taffy from the candy store.

In fact, the gallery wall in my foyer was inspired by a home tour.

hometalk house tours

When Hometalk recently featured home tours on their site, I couldn’t clip and save fast enough.

beth's house

I ooohed and aaahed my way through Beth’s home, especially her kitchen.

traci's house

And marveled at Traci’s Kentucky home tour.

karen's house

I wanted to make haste to Canada after touring Karen’s beautifully decorated home.   Those black and white checkered floors are to die for.

The inspiration is endless!  And there’s lots more where that came from.

Have a seat in your most comfy chair, grab your cup of tea, and savor every moment as you take the tour of over 50 beautiful homes featured on my Hometalk “Showcase of Homes” clipboard.

And if seeing all of these beautiful homes has given you the decorating bug, then join me today at Live Creatively Inspired where I’m sharing my secrets to finding your decorating style.  

See you in class,

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After 17 years in an elementary classroom, Mrs. Hines retired from teaching to pursue her passions: decorating, writing and homemaking. While her formal education is in teaching, she discovered her talent for design at a young age and is a self-taught decorator. Mrs. Hines' DIY spirit has earned her appearances on the show Deals which airs on the Live Well Network. She continues to teach and inspire on her popular Lifestyle blog, Mrs. Hines' Class. Blogging allows Mrs. Hines to hone her natural skills as a writer and has led to the launch of The Write Touch, an online editorial service. Homemaking is Mrs. Hines' first love. So, when she isn't decorating or writing, you can find her at home watching television with Mr. Hines or trying to keep up with her teenaged daughter.

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  1. Such a wonderful clipboard. Thank you for showing it off here!

  2. Wow! Such beautiful homes!! Thanks so much for adding my small space to the round up! I am so honored- like for realz!
    xoxo Becca

  3. My pleasure, Becca! You have a great sense of style!

  4. I could look at houses all day long! What an awesome collection, Sharon! Thank you so much for including my home in there too…sweet! :)

  5. Love it! I was so honored to scroll your post today and see my family room in the collage! Thank you so much for adding me to your showcase. I too have taken inspiration from other home tours…Beth’s kitchen above was my inspiration this week when I painted my kitchen :)


  6. This looks like fun, Sharon. I am going to go take the tour.

  7. Sharon, thank you for adding our cabin in your Parade of Homes. I’ve been having a blast peeking in at all the homes. When I was a child, mom and I would go for a walk in the neighborhood. As we walked by a home we would check if the curtains were open and if the lights were on so we could peek inside. We were the neighborhood peeking toms! This is much better;)

  8. Hi Sharon! I am absolutely sitting here with my coffee and am going to enjoy this wonderful tour! Thanks so much for putting it all together for us! Pinning and have a fantastic weekend!

  9. Oh thanks and I’ll definitely check it out, I love home tours!!

  10. I hope you enjoyed your coffee and the tour.

  11. I never tire of looking at homes. It’s a favorite pasttime.

  12. Hi Roeshel, it was my pleasure to include your home. I could look at houses all day long too!

  13. There is so much inspiration in these homes…including yours!

  14. Oh thank you for posting this!!!! I missed it! Now I’ll never get to bed on time tonight!

  15. What a fabulous roundup as everyone loves a great hometour! Hope your summer is going well!

  16. I’m loving all the home tours lately, so pretty!

  17. Thank you Sharon! I couldn’t believe mine made it. :) I love home tours too, but then I get too many ideas in my head and it starts spinning. lol XO

  18. Definitely a head spinner for me too…so is Pinterest and blog reading.

  19. All so fun to look through, Sharon! I love all of the beautiful home tours too! Inspiration at it’s finest!
    Thanks for sharing and pinning!

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