sleep like a baby: 7 tips for a good night’s sleep

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It’s been 7 wonderful nights of heavenly sleep now; deep, restful, undisturbed sleep.

You see, I have struggled with insomnia and poor sleep hygiene for a few years now. In fact a few years ago, I ended up doing a sleep study.

The doctor gave me these 7 tips for getting a good night’s sleep:

  • Keep the room cool.
  • Lower your body’s core temperature.  ( a hot bath  90 minutes to 2 hours before bedtime can help)
  • No t.v. or electronics at least 30 minutes before bed
  • Establish a bedtime routine such as turning the t.v. off,  taking a bath,  turning the lights down, and reading a book
  • Make sure your bedroom is dark enough at night.
  • Go to bed at the same time every night.
  • Get up at same hour every morning, even on days off.

She called this good sleep hygiene.  There are a lot of tips on that list that I had control over, and still need to work on.

how to get a good night's sleep


But my quest to create a dark room,  perfect for a good night’s sleep, has finally ended.

The blinds that covered our bedroom windows  before let in too much light at night:  the moon, the street lamps, neighbor’s porch lights.  So, I usually resorted to wearing a sleep mask which was either uncomfortable or slipped off during the night.

I bought some sheer panels to help block the light at night, but still allow filtered light during the day.  No such luck.

Then, I talked to and as luck would have it, they had just released their new day/night cellular shade.  Great!

7 tips for a good night's sleep

We finally installed them this week, and let me tell you, that shade blocked out the light!  In fact, my room was so dark that when I turned out the lights to test the shades,  my husband was able to sneak up on me and yell “boo!” without me even seeing him.  ( and I screamed like I was watching a horror film.)


how to get a good night's sleep

This is an actual photo of my room with the night shade drawn and the bedroom lights turned off. Seriously


That, my friends, is what I call “hotel-dark.”  You knowso dark that you have no idea that it’s daytime until you open the windows in the morning.  I think until last Monday night, I had underestimated how truly vital a dark room is to getting a good night’s sleep.

The other night, my daughter snuck into our room in the middle of night to sleep, because it’s so “cozy and dark now.”  She said she slept like a baby,  and that she wants a day/night shade in her room.

During the day, all I have to do is lower the top of the shade, and I can have the filtered daylight that I enjoy so much.

Scroll your mouse on and off of the image below to see the shades change from day to night. 

how to get a good night's sleep

I’m so thankful for my new day/night cordless cellular shades…you just can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep. And I have really enjoyed working with  They did a fabulous job on my drapes for the living room,


How to Get a Good Night's Sleep


and I just can’t get over how beautiful the shades are in the foyer.


How to get a good night's sleep


I got to meet the ladies I’ve been working with in person the other day.   We talked about blogging, all of my new window treatments and you, my readers.  And we decided that we want to give you the chance to win a $100 to   AND, there will be TWO WINNERS.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! I’ll see you in class,

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  1. Oh wow, love the darkness, my hubs can’t understand why I need dark, these seem so stylish and practical! Thanks for introducing me to them!

  2. No doubt in my mind, Sharon. I’d definitely order the day/night cellular shade in white. I NEED these! Total darkness in the bedroom has been my goal for years, and I’ve tried a lot of things. Your recommendation off these tells me that this needs to be my next purchase. Thanks so much for telling me about them. laurie

  3. I really need some room darkening draperies for my bedroom- I might get the Laura Ashley pleated panels. All your window treatments are beautiful, Sharon! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  4. Great tips! This is something I really struggle with. Hubby likes to read on his tablet at night and the light drives me nuts (he gets up 4 hours later than I do so our schedule is a bit conflicting). We could definitely use some darker blinds though; street likes are pretty bright in our room.

  5. Such good tips! Thank you for sharing Sharon. I can always use more advice for sleeping well.

  6. Those darkening blinds looks fantastic. My husband is a light sleeper, so maybe this is what he needs! I also adore your roman shades — really, all your window treatments are beautiful.

    Thanks for the giveaway, this is a prize I really need! Our bathroom blinds just broke so this is perfect timing! :)

  7. I really needed this post. I’m not sleeping well at all! Thanks for the chance to win the blinds. We need them. I have no shades in my room!

  8. Linda Steelman Jarraf says:

    I like the deluxe woven blinds.

  9. I think a darker room would definitely help your husband. Good luck!!

  10. Hi Linda! Thanks for entering the give away. The woven shades are beautiful! Good luck.

  11. Girl, you need some window coverings! Seriously, I hope you start sleeping better soon. xo

  12. You and me both! We’re a couple of night owls.

  13. This sounds like me and my husband only I’m the one turning on my lamp when he’s trying to sleep. And he gets up much earlier than I do.

    You’re right, those street lamps can be really bright. Good luck!

  14. I love those Laura Ashley Panels. I am so very pleased with all of my window treatments….thank you for the compliment.

  15. They are life changing, Laurie!

  16. I just can’t get over what a difference a dark room makes. And you’re right…you get pretty with functional.

  17. LOVE THEM!

  18. Bali EuroVue Shutter is perfect for our guest bathroom

  19. Wow! What a huge difference those blinds made in your room Sharon. I’m so glad that you’ve been able to sleep better since installing them!

  20. Cindy Swinehart says:

    I have a gazillion windows in this old house, or rather commercial building that we have begun to renovate. Any blinds or cash towards any sort of window treatment would be welcomed for sure! I love that those blinds in your room make it so dark. Definitely something I miss from living in a country setting…but I still love this old place :)

  21. a marie hj saver says:

    Impressive- I might never get up if my room was that dark!
    If I won the $100 I would spend it on the laura ashley grommet drapery panel, i think.

  22. Nicole Shaffer says:

    definitely the day/night cellular shades. My husband works nights and has to sleep during the day and he just throws a blanket up over the window but this would be so much prettier!!!

  23. vera hanson says:

    vertical blinds and draperies

  24. Love the woven blinds! Thanks for the tips!

  25. Wow!! That is dark!!

  26. Glad you’re sleeping better Sharon! I guess I’m one of the lucky ones in that I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow! I really need some room darkening shades for our guest room-you know-the one you’ll sleep in if you ever come visit so thanks for the giveaway!

  27. I always sleep better in a dark room! I also look much younger in a dark room ;)

  28. Oh I’d love some of their Laura Ashley drapes…so pretty!! And that’s amazing that your room is so dark. I hate my sleep mask, too…it gives me a headache.

  29. I would love to completely block out the light in my bedroom, and those day/night shades look perfect! Mine are ugly, worn, and faded…and don’t block out light :( Thanks for the awesome giveaway Sharon!!

  30. I so need these in our Master Bedroom. Our current ones let all the light in.

  31. Thanks for getting my room ready. :) I will most definitely use it one day!!!

  32. Well, if we’re talking about what is better in a dark room….;)

  33. Aren’t those Laura Ashley drapes beautiful?! I love the idea of a sleep mask, but you’re right. They are not always comfortable.

  34. The day/night shades are the perfect solution! Thanks for entering the give away!

  35. I feel your pain…In all my adult life, I’ve never had room darkening window treatments. Now, I’ll never live without them!

  36. I’m telling ya!

  37. The woven blinds are so nice. Thank you for entering the give away!

  38. just got a couple of new lines with lots of fabric choices. I hope you get the opportunity to choose from them! Good luck!

  39. Prettier and functional…he’d get really good sleep, even in the middle of of the day.

  40. I actually look forward to going to bed now that I have such a dark room. Which is good considering I have a tendency to stay up way too late.

  41. Oh, I’d love to see pictures of your renovation!

    And there’s nothing like country dark. :)

  42. I couldn’t be more please with both the function and the looks of these new shades.

  43. oooh, shutters are so gorgeous. They are definitely on my wish list too! Good luck!!

  44. Thank you!!

  45. My windows are just begging for new window treatments !

  46. Great sleep tips, Sharon! I especially like a cool room to sleep in! Thanks for the chance to win! Hope you have a happy Tuesday!

  47. Great tips Sharon! I have found that since I’ve been going to bed earlier, I feel much better!! Have a great week!~~Angela

  48. I have to agree. I do well for a while then fall off of the wagon, but I’m determined this time to get on track and stay there.

  49. Good luck! Thanks for entering the give a way.

  50. So many choices! Agree with the fabric blinds.. gorgeous!

  51. I could use this in my bathroom which shines into my bedroom!

  52. deanna hanson says:

    new blinds for the living room

  53. Mike Anderson says:

    darkening blinds are a must have for me. im such a light sleeper.

  54. I too would need these blinds to block light at night. My husband would be putting night lights on!

  55. Wow, those look great. I think they would help my whole family sleep better.

  56. Hi Mike. Thank you for entering the give away. I used to sleep through anything…now, not so much. Having a dark room has made a huge difference for me.

  57. I can see how a night light would be helpful. It is a little hard to see my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night…but worth it!

  58. I think you’re right. My daughter is jealous of how dark our room is now. She wants the shades for her room now.

  59. Sharon, what helpful tips on getting a good night sleep. Those new cellular shades would most certainly come in handy to keep the light out. A dark room is a must, but for me letting the light in during the day is an absolute must or I get to feeling depressed :P Thank you and what a great giveaway. I will share this on fb this week for sure. By the way you other window treatments are gorgeous as well!! ~ Amy

  60. I need some new blinds for my bedroom. My son broke them back when he was 3. I can’t pull them up, so I haven’t seen our mountain view in years! Hope I win! :)

  61. I would love the darkening shades for my bedroom. There is so much ambient light regardless of what I do. I also use a sleep mask.

  62. i took for granted the darkness when i lived out “in the sticks”… now i’m in the city and there’s always light coming in the windows. i’d use $100 toward the Designer 2″ Wood Blind — the vinyl ones don’t hold up very long because of kid and cat :-)

  63. I would love to get some of the day/night cordless cellular shades

  64. Good luck, Dana! I hope you’re able to get some.

  65. ah, country dark..I haven’t experienced that in a long time.

  66. Tracy Teague says:

    I am in need of some roman shades for my kitchen. The ones in your foyer look great.

  67. I have been sleeping horrible lately, thank you for all the tips and the fab giveaway!

  68. I hope you start getting better sleep, Kristin.

  69. The shades in my foyer really make the space. I’m so glad I went with that fabric pattern. Good luck! I hope you get some roman shades for your kitchen.

  70. Amy, I completely agree…sunshine during the day is a must. Maybe that’s why I love summer so much…it’s almost always sunny. Our winters are pretty gray…and I do get the winter blues.

    Thank you for sharing the give away! I appreciate you!!

  71. Good luck, Deanna! Thank you for entering the give away.

  72. Brittany Gjesvold says:

    I would either get the Day/Night Cellular shades in white or the motorized ones! I’m so glad I found this blog and post! Thank you for such a great blog and so much information! Brittany :)

  73. I would get the day /night shades. My husband works at night so these would be a big help for him.

  74. Just read this ~ I’m so happy for you! I have had problems sleeping for eons…and so far, nothing much does any good. This product is a wonderful idea! The patterns are beautiful too.


  75. I’m still in awe of what a difference a totally dark room makes. Now I just need to get my hormones in check. One thing at a time. :)

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