Spa-Inspired Master Bathroom

I saw Leen’s coastal inspired bathroom and I thought the look would be perfect for my spa-inspired Master Bathroom.   So, I bought the same soap dispensers that Leen had, and I purchased the “lotion” and “soap” decals from Leen’s site, Leen the Graphics Queen.

 spa-inspired master bathroom: Mrs. Hines' Class

Then, I  searched my house for a votive holder and jar just like Leen had.   The votive holder had a ring of wax on the bottom of it.

“I’ll clean it later,”  I told myself.  That was in January.


Then last Friday as I was replenishing the cotton balls and q-tips in my bathroom, I  hesitated.  Put the q-tips in the votive holder or wait and take the time to clean it first, I pondered.

“Not again,”  I thought to myself.   So, I took the votive holder to the kitchen intending to put it in the freezer for a few hours.

Later I would pop out the leftover candle wax and put the votive holder back on my vanity.  But, I decided to see if I could just scrape out the wax with a butter knife.

Sure enough, that’s all it took.

As I look at this “before” picture, that orange ring of wax stresses me out.  That’s the opposite effect that a spa-inspired bathroom should have.  

spa-inspired master bathroom: Mrs. Hines' Class


I put this task off for months simply because I didn’t want to have to wait a few hours for the wax to harden in the freezer.  As it turned out, all I needed was a knife and a few minutes (and the motivation of Alejandra’s video series.)


Later that evening when I was getting ready for bed I experienced a wave of relief  as I caught a glance at the now clear, clean votive holder shining back at me.   

spa-inspired master bathroom: Mrs. Hines' Class

Why wait?
 This was one of those little things that nagged at me day after day.   And procrastinating cost me months of  enjoyment.

spa-inspired master bathroom: Mrs. Hines' Class

Lesson learned.  And now I get to experience a sense of accomplishment as well as enjoy a clean space.


What little thing are  you putting off ’til tomorrow?  I encourage you to check it off of your to-do list today.

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See you in class,

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  1. Love those bottles!!!

  2. I love them too! 🙂

  3. The beauty is in the details for a lot of people. This bathroom is gorgeous.

  4. I love it! Yes, like an earlier comment said, “beauty is in the details”. This is simple beauty at it’s best …sending love my friend xo

  5. I am definitely a detail person.

  6. Thank you, Robin. I would say “simple beauty” defines my style.

  7. This is so beautiful Sharon, what a great job!


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