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Already in this 31 Days to Finished series, I’ve learned there a few different reasons that I procrastinate:



~lack of money

Like my Dad once told me, sometimes you just have to make plans and let the chips fall where they may.   In other words, don’t let money, or lack thereof,  keep you from enjoying life.

Saving on a  Cheap Wireless Plan Puts Money in your Pocket for the Holidays! Mrs. Hines' Class, #shop, #FamilyMobileSaves, #cbias

And that’s the attitude we took when we decided that we are going to Disney World over Thanksgiving.  We’ve been talking about going to Disney during the holidays for years now.

It would be easy to just accept lack of money as an excuse not to go, but there are things I can do to make Disney more affordable, and I’m starting with finding the best wireless plan for our family.

Our current phone service is one our biggest expenses at approximately $200 a month.   We’re not okay with that.

So, when I first learned of the Walmart Family Mobile Plan, I had to check it out.  I researched it online first and was pleasantly surprised on several counts:

~smart phone selection

~low monthly cost

~good reviews

~no contracts

~online account management and information



Saving on a  Cheap Wireless Plan Puts Money in your Pocket for the Holidays! Mrs. Hines' Class, #shop, #FamilyMobileSaves, #cbias


Excited about this option, my husband and I went to WalMart.  The customer service representative who helped us told us that the biggest difference with this service is that T-Mobile’s signal may not be quite as strong as our current service, which would mean we might experience more dropped calls.  But, the area we live in actually gets a very strong signal, so I don’t expect that we will notice a difference.


Saving on a  Cheap Wireless Plan Puts Money in your Pocket for the Holidays! Mrs. Hines' Class, #shop, #FamilyMobileSaves, #cbias


We also learned that we could keep our existing phones if we choose to.  I have to admit, it would be hard for me to give up my Blackberry.    If I choose to keep my phone, I just need to have the sim card unlocked.  I’ve yet to look into what that entails.

My husband will get to replace his basic talk and text phone with the Concord smart phone from WalMart.  This is a very affordable smart phone with unlimited service…without a contract.

And my daughter will get to keep the iPhone that she saved her hard-earned babysitting money to buy.  As soon as her contract is up, we will switch her service.  It will be so nice not to be bound by contracts anymore. 

That visit to WalMart was about a month ago.

After talking to our current provider last week, and being told they do not have more affordable options, our decision was made.  Why we put off switching, I don’t know.

Saving on a  Cheap Wireless Plan Puts Money in your Pocket for the Holidays! Mrs. Hines' Class, #shop, #FamilyMobileSaves, #cbias


With the Walmart Family Mobile plan, we’ll be saving money and making our Disney dream come true!


Update:  Mr.  Hines and I switched our service over the weekend and I’m sharing my shopping experience on Google +.  Click here to view the album.

See you in class,

Mrs. Hines' Class, your way to a better home






  1. Sharon — great info! I’m a little jealous your going to Disney for Thanksgiving…sounds like a great way to spend the holiday with family. 😉 xoxo

  2. I still can’t believe we’re going!

  3. Great way to save, Sharon! I would love to go to Disney for the holidays! Enjoy your well earned vacation! 🙂

  4. Be sure to check out Mousesavers website. Lots of ideas to save at Disney World and all around the trip.

  5. Thanks for the great tip!

  6. How exciting to go to Disney! You definitely need time to recharge. When you work from home, you are always at work. I find the only time I can truly relax is when I leave the house, otherwise I am too tempted to pick up that laptop. I am going to check out Wal-Mart’s plan so I can go to Disney too!

  7. Thanks for your participation in this campaign! #client

  8. My pleasure!

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