Choosing the Right Paint Color for Furniture

I spent the afternoon with my Mom yesterday, which is always a nice treat.  Once we got home,  I walked her through the house and shared my ideas with her.  And, we talked about my plans for the living room.

A Repurposed Dresser is Getting a Makeover: Mrs. Hines' Class


As I mentioned the other day, sometimes I get stuck from indecision.  So, I often rely on my mom’s eye for design to help me make design decisions.  In this case, I had been wavering on whether or not to paint the t.v. console.

Mom affirmed my instincts.  So, I will be painting the t.v. console.  I cannot tell  you how freeing it is to be able to move forward and be one day closer to finished.  


I wanted to show you a few paint color ideas that I have in mind.

Chalk Paint & Stain Buffet Makeover by Turnstyle Vogue: featured at Mrs. Hines' Class


This mustard colored dresser by Turnstyle Vogue is what inspired me to paint my t.v. console.   Sherry used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Arles, finished with clear and dark waxes.  The color is so striking and really has a wow factor.


Thrifted Dresser Turned Buffet by My Blessed Life: featured at Mrs. Hines' Class


I also really like the softness of this thrifted dresser turned buffet from My Blessed Life.  Myra chose Paris Gray from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, with a coat of both clear and dark wax.   I love that the neutral color of the buffet really brings out the colors of the home accent pieces.


Aubusson Blue Dresser in the Foyer by Thrify Decor Chick: featured at Mrs. Hines' Class


Then there’s this Aubusson Blue dresser by Thrifty Decor Chick.  I’ve always loved that color!


Olive Green Dresser Makeover by Michele Omega: featured at Mrs. Hines' Class


Now, this olive color is a very lovely neutral that would look great with the colors I already have in the living room.  This tone of green would compliment, not compete with the rest of the room.



So many paint colors.  All of them beautiful.  I’m sure I can’t go wrong, but  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

 31 days

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See you in class,


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  1. Love all these wonderful colors! Right now I’m trying to decide what color to paint a buffet in my foyer! I adore Arles! What a fabulous choice. I agree about being freed to move on!

  2. I can’t wait to see what you choose!

  3. Well I definately love your color choices. If you changed nothing more in the room I would pick the yellow or gray color for the tv console. However, if you change other things then my opinion would be different, but if you keeping everything else around the room the same then yellow or gray are my choices. 🙂

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  4. Thanks for your input! I won’t be changing anything in the living room for the forseeable future…well, I do plan to slipcover the couch in a linen color. And there’s a different chair by the fireplace now, but it’s not a game changer. All that considered, I love that mustard color, but I think the gray might be my best choice.

  5. I love the olive color dresser … but this year, I am a green, sage person. It may not work with the color you have on the wall now, but the Paris gray is beautiful and would likely blend in very well with what you have. Anxious to see the end result.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. Hmmmm, you know how much I love a good furniture makeover. I’m loving the mustard color…and the gray. Bold or safe, bold or safe – that is always my problem in chosing color!!!!! Cannot wait to see it completed!

  7. Sharon,
    So what have you decided on the T.V. console? I’ve seen both the Paris Grey (simply ADORE it!) and the Arles (very perky!) in person… both are incredible!!! So here is the question for you…. do you want the pop of color to bring out the yellows and golds in your artwork? Or the gray to coordinate with other gray and black accents you have in the room? They would both look incredible!!

  8. Neither! I’m going to get the paint color late today….so hopefully I’ll be revealing the “after” of the console this coming week. 🙂 I’ll let it be a surprise!

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