Grocery Shopping Made Easy


I‘m not really sure why I put off grocery shopping.   But, I do.


You know the routine…make a mental list of  what food is left in the house,  realize that you can get through one more day if you use a little less milk in your cereal at breakfast, have half a pb&j on that heel of bread  that you’re now so grateful you didn’t throw away for lunch,  and treat your family to breakfast for dinner (eggs cooked any way they like them.)

 Grocery Shopping Made Easy: Mrs. Hines' Class



But there comes a day when you can’t get by and you must go to the store.  So, you run to the store to get a few essentials, (you’ll menu plan and do the real shopping later) and an hour and half later, you’ve blown your grocery budget with dinner only for the next three nights, milk, and bread for the kids lunches.


Last night was one of those nights.  And I was kicking myself because I know better.


I am determined that my next grocery trip will be much more  efficient.


Grocery Shopping Made Easy: Mrs. Hines' Class

Grocery Shopping Made Easy


~  Menu plan and write what grocery items you need.  Having a list not only keeps you on task, but saves money.  Shoppers without a least spend more money.


~Be familiar with the store.   The produce section usually greets you at the door no matter where you shop.  After that it’s anyone’s guess on which aisle you can find the tomato sauce.   Knowing the layout of the store saves you so much time.


~ Know which days the store stocks the shelves.  There is nothing more frustrating than an item you need being out of stock.


31 days


See you in class,

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  1. Ah…the list, never leave home without the list! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shopped, and forgot my list! What is Revlon lip butter? Sounds wonderful! 😉

  2. 🙂 The Revlon lip butter is a conditioning lip stick. It was recommended on a beauty blog I follow called Maskcara. She includes it in a Basic Makeup series and used it in this Megan Fox look. I thought it looked so pretty and would be a good color for my coloring.

  3. oops..I forgot to leave you the link to the tutorial I mentioned…

  4. Sharon…when Rick & I first started out, I LOVED grocery shopping. I remember feeling my creative juices starting to simmer. Now…22 yrs. later…I run in as fast as I can, but running out is the problem…I do not enjoy it as much anymore, but like I tell the girls, just something we have to do so we don’t have to eat out every day. XO

  5. Good tips, Sharon! I’m kind of lucky now, because hubby does a majority of the grocery shopping and he is so organized! Thanks for sharing and pinning!

  6. I just HAVE to be organized in the grocery store otherwise it’s a whole lotta walking back and forth! I always write my list in order too: meats then dairy then everything in the middle of the store, then fruits & veg then cleaning supplies and freezer last. I “do” the same walk thru in any store. Keeps me on track.

  7. Unfortunately, I was all over the store on my last trip. It was time consuming and frustrating…definitely worth it to plan ahead.

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