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One of my favorite things about Fall is the chance to get out into the garden again.


TIP: Did you know that Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs?  As the air cools, the plant’s roots dig down into the still warm earth, creating a strong root structure.


So, today, I’m sharing my new landscape design and a couple of Fall gardening tips.



2 Fall Gardening Tips You Need to Know: Mrs. Hines' Class


The summer heat was very hard on my yard, leaving behind dead plants and lots of bare space in my landscape.   As soon as cooler weather settled over H-town, I got to work.


2 Fall Gardening Tips You Need to Know: Mrs. Hines' Class



Our home builder actually did the initial landscaping.  Knowing the soil they use isn’t quality soil, I’ve  added bags of humus and peat moss over the years, but not enough.  Cindy, the landscaper whom I met with this summer, suggested building up the beds with several inches of compost.


Having seen other yards she has landscaped, I believed her when she said that the plants would thrive in the compost.



2 Fall Gardening Tips You Need to Know: Mrs. Hines' Class


I had it delivered last week and have been working on spreading it into the flower beds over the last several days (wishing I could hire Cindy and her team to take over the back-breaking labor.)

In the meantime, Cindy texted me to say that she was going to salvage some cuttings from my friend’s yard and bring them over.

That is one of the hallmarks of the gardening community…sharing plants.  At my last home, almost all of my plants either came from my parent’s or my in-laws’ yards.   It really makes for a sentimental experience, and it’s one of my favorite things about gardening.

In Progress

2 Fall Gardening Tips You Need to Know: Mrs. Hines' Class


Today, my husband delivered wheel barrows full of compost to the beds while I spread, tilled and then planted.    At Cindy’s suggestion, I grouped the liriope for greater impact and  transplanted the purple fountain grass into a place of prominence in the flowerbed.


Blue porterweed and potato vine now replace plants that were lost to heat and hard freezes.  The rain lilies are tucked in the corner and are at their best right after a rain.    I can’t wait for everything to fill in!  Luckily most of these plants are fast growing.


2 Fall Gardening Tips You Need to Know: Mrs. Hines' Class


This bed got a little sprucing up, too.  I brought the bird bath back and surrounded it with amaryllis, irises and butterfly weed.   I think it’s going to look so pretty when the plants mature.

2 Fall Gardening Tips You Need to Know: Mrs. Hines' Class


My lantana is already responding to the better soil.


2 Fall Gardening Tips You Need to Know: Mrs. Hines' Class


TIP:  You want to get your plants in the ground several weeks before the first frost.   In my zone, 9a, that date is suggested to be December 15th.

Some of you have already had snow!  That is so difficult for this Texan to wrap my mind around.

2 Fall Gardening Tips You Need to Know: Mrs. Hines' Class



There’s still more work to do, but I can see the end in sight.

31 daysFor more posts in my 31 Days to Finished series, click here.

Hopefully, I’ll have some after pictures to share soon.

See you in class,

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  1. I love all the curves to your garden beds. Those amendments will help your plants and you will be amazed at the growth in the spring ! You will have to give us an update post, so we can see all the beauty. 🙂

  2. thank you for the support and encouragement…I can’t wait to see the all the beauty myself. 🙂 I’ll be sure to share!

  3. I had to laugh. You put out your birdbath…we just put ours away for the season! What a difference 1300 miles or so will make…Wisconsin! Your beds are looking great…all they needed was some TLC. Take some more pics before your frost…so we can see your results! 😉

  4. Everything is looking great Sharon! It will be so rewarding to watch it fill in! I can relate on spreading compost but it really does make a difference!! ~~Angela

  5. Looking good. I love the purple fountain grass. Have several in my yard and hope they survive the winter.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. Yes…long overdue tlc. Hopefully there will some change over the next several weeks to share!

  7. So glad to know it really makes a difference…thank you for the encouragement, Angela!

  8. I hope it all survives the winter too. We got a really good rain overnight and into the morning right after I planted everything…hopefully that will help them.

  9. Looks so beautiful Sharon – thanks for all the info and tips! We woke up to snow this morning! Gardening is over for us here till spring! Now I’m getting in the mood to add greenery inside for Christmas decor – LOL!

  10. I know so many are already experiencing snow and an early winter… I can’t imagine!

    I’m sure your greenery and Christmas decor will be lovely as always.

  11. I so need to do this very thing… I can’t imagine snow either!

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