cheap wireless plan for the holidays


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Did you catch that?  The “Wheel of Fortune” double phrase?

Cheap Wireless Plan/Plan for the Holidays

Here’s the Cheap Wireless Plan part:

Last month, in an effort to cut costs and save money, we switched our cell phone service to Walmart Family Mobile.


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In the process, my husband got to upgrade to a smart phone.  He has enjoyed being able to search the internet and use apps again.  His phone has frozen a couple of times, but when I logged onto Online Account Management and Information, I saw a link that addresses this concern.  I’ll be looking into it soon.


I also learned that Blackberry phones, which I have, are limited to talk and text with Walmart Family Mobile.  I’ll probably switch phones at some point but, I’ve noticed that not having constant access to email and Facebook has cut down on my stress level.  The important thing, I’ve decided, is that I can still use the calendar, task list and memo pad on my phone to manage my day-to-day tasks, like paying bills.

#shop #cbias #FamilyMobileSaves  What does a Cheap Wireless Plan and Plans for the Holidays have in common?  Find out at Mrs. Hines' Class

We just got our first phone bill with the new service, and I have to tell you that  I literally felt relief when I saw the bill.

Relief that I could afford it.

Relief that I’m not over spending on phone service.

Relief from financial anxiety.

#shop #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias What does a Cheap Wireless Plan and Plans for the Holidays have in common?  Find out at Mrs. Hines' Class

And the savings was timely, considering that the Fall brought added expenses:  braces for my daughter, new tires for the car, doctors appointments and lab work and x-rays for me.

It’s been stressful, and I need a break, which leads me to the Plan for the Holidays part of the story.

A couple of months ago, we decided that this would be the year that we go to Disney World for Thanksgiving to experience that extra holiday magic, something we’ve wanted to do for a few years now.   To add to the excitement, our friend Shannon and his daughter are coming with us.

Last night when he was over, Shannon asked, “How many weeks ’til our big trip?”   All of us are a little giddy at the idea that we will be walking through the gates of Magic Kingdom in just a few short weeks.

#shop #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias  What does a Cheap Wireless Plan and Plans for the Holidays have in common?  Find out at Mrs. Hines' Class

Remember that commercial where the adult turns into a kid as they experience Disney?
 That’s what it’s like for me.  All of the cares of the world fade away, and I’m swept away by the fantastical world of Magic Kingdom.

Until then, it’s oral surgery tomorrow, an orthodontist appointment and hosting the Fall Family Potluck next week, filming a segment for Deals the week after that…and packing and finding someone to feed the cat…


It will be so nice to get away and forget about bills and braces for a while.


See you in class,

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  1. Well congratulations and you are going to be busy, aren’t you? I think you will really enjoy Disney around Thanksgiving time. Our parents used to take us the day after Thanksgiving, every year and it was not too crowded plus they had all the holiday/Christmas decorations up and it was sooooo pretty ! :-)

  2. Enjoy your trip, Sharon! You deserve a little R&R!!

  3. You are absolutely correct…Disney World=being a kid again! Have a wonderful time! ;)

  4. Today it was 75 degrees here. I hope y’all get some thanksgiving breezes blowing by the time you arrive.
    Sleeping with the windows open,
    Nonnahs in LA

  5. Just realized you are going to Orlando! Duh!
    Next year come here :0)

  6. :) We went to Disney Land last summer. Loved it and am sure we’ll go back sometime.

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