Gift Ideas from The Holiday Shoppes at Mrs. Hines’ Class

or years, the day after Thanksgiving was reserved for putting up my Christmas tree.

Then there were a few years that I decided to brave the crowds with my sister and shop.   I was determined to start and finish all of my Christmas shopping in that one day.  

I would meet my sister early in the morning, then my husband and daughter would join us for lunch.  After lunch, it was time to divide and conquer.   I went one way and Mr. Hines another, both with our lists in hand.


Whether  you are decorating, or shopping, or a little of both, I have some great gift ideas and decorating tips for you today.


10 Gift Giving Ideas


~Donate to a Charity

The adults in my family are donating to a charity in honor of the person’s name we drew.   So, I’m going to surprise someone with a Christmas Jar.


Find Gift Ideas and More at The Holiday Shoppes at Mrs. Hines' Class


I can’t wait to leave this gift on someone’s door step!   And I think I’ll give my sister in-law a copy of the book to open when we gather on Christmas day.  I hope she doesn’t see this post, because I want to surprise her.  


~A Room Makeover

If you enjoy decorating, a room makeover would be a great gift!

My daughter has been talking about redecorating her bedroom lately, so I’ll keep that in mind as I shop for her Christmas gifts.

One of the things she wants for her room is day/night cellular shades.  She’s wanted them ever since we installed them in our bedroom.  


Find Gift Ideas and More at The Holiday Shoppes at Mrs. Hines' Class

My go to source for window treatments is

If you are considering a room makeover as a Christmas gift, I highly recommend them. has a large selection of curtains, blinds, shades and shutters to suit any style.   And they are having a sale right now!


If  decorating isn’t your thing, think about what services or skills you could offer as a gift:   mowing,  babysitting, home cooked meals, organization, cleaning….

I’ll tell you what, if someone told me they were going to clean my house for me, it would be the best gift ever.


~Handmade Gifts

A couple of years ago, I received a handmade wooden cutting board from someone who does woodworking for a living… I LOVE my cutting board.

And one year my father-in-law’s wife had admired a pillow I made for my home.  So, I sewed a pillow just like it to give to her for Christmas.

If you sew, the ideas are limitless.  In fact, I encourage you to visit my favorite seamstress, Ann at  Sutton Place Designs.

These grain sack tote bags in her shop would make a great gift.

Find Gift Ideas and More at The Holiday Shoppes at Mrs. Hines' Class


I can imagine using it as “Santa’s bag”, and instead of wrapping your child’s presents individually, place them all in the bag to discover on Christmas morning.

Ann just stocked her Esty shop, so hurry over before it sells out!


For more gift giving ideas, visit my Gift Ideas board on Pinterest


Holiday Decorating


~Pillows and accessories

The simplest way to decorate a room for the holidays is just with a few changes of pillows and accessories.   Sutton Place Designs has lots of holiday pillow covers from which to choose.

Find Gift Ideas and More at The Holiday Shoppes at Mrs. Hines' Class


Are you putting up your Christmas tree today, or this weekend?  Then you’ll want to read these tips before you get started.


~5 tips for decorating your Christmas tree

Find Gift Ideas and Decorating Tips at The Holiday Shoppes at Mrs. Hines' Class


Happy shopping and decorating!


See you in class,

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After 17 years in an elementary classroom, Mrs. Hines retired from teaching to pursue her passions: decorating, writing and homemaking. While her formal education is in teaching, she discovered her talent for design at a young age and is a self-taught decorator. Mrs. Hines' DIY spirit has earned her appearances on the show Deals which airs on the Live Well Network. She continues to teach and inspire on her popular Lifestyle blog, Mrs. Hines' Class. Blogging allows Mrs. Hines to hone her natural skills as a writer and has led to the launch of The Write Touch, an online editorial service. Homemaking is Mrs. Hines' first love. So, when she isn't decorating or writing, you can find her at home watching television with Mr. Hines or trying to keep up with her teenaged daughter.

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  1. I love your thoughtful gift giving ideas Sharon! Room makeover , especially! ;)

  2. Wonderful ideas, Sharon! Hope you’re enjoying the season!!~~Angela

  3. I concur. The room makeover is the best idea I’ve heard.
    My man is giving his mother a Roku thingy and the best part is that he is going to hook it all up for her. This is the geek equivalent of a room makeover!
    What a great son.

  4. Oh Sharon thank you. You are one of the most selfless bloggers out there and you have a heart the size of Texas. I loved the idea of a room makeover too. Fun and functional at the same time!

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