a simple tip to save on heating costs

rowing up my Dad owned and operated an air conditioning and heating company.


Words like   capacitor  and  fan motor   and   freon  were a part of the everyday lingo in my childhood home.


So the other day, when I couldn’t find that just-right setting on the thermostat, I knew what to do.  I grabbed the ladder from the garage, and climbed up to reach the ceiling fan.


Today on Mrs. Hines' Class, I'm showing you how one flip of a switch will SAVE MONEY on HEATING COSTS!

One flip of the switch and warm air was circulating through the living room.


When you do this, make sure the ceiling fan blades are rotating clockwise.  This motion pushes the warm air up and out across the room, keeping you warm and cozy on these cold, wintry nights.


Just by changing the ceiling fan direction and turning your thermostat down a couple of degrees, you can save money on your heating bill.   And make sure to keep the ceiling fan on low.

Today on Mrs. Hines' Class, I'm showing you how one flip of a switch will SAVE MONEY on HEATING COSTS!

This would be a good time to dust your ceiling fan, too.    

Today on Mrs. Hines' Class, I'm showing you how one flip of a switch will save money on heating costs! 

p.s.  When the temperatures warm up in the Spring, just reverse the switch so that the ceiling fan blades rotate counter-clockwise.


See you in class,

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After 17 years in an elementary classroom, Mrs. Hines retired from teaching to pursue her passions: decorating, writing and homemaking. While her formal education is in teaching, she discovered her talent for design at a young age and is a self-taught decorator. Mrs. Hines' DIY spirit has earned her appearances on the show Deals which airs on the Live Well Network. She continues to teach and inspire on her popular Lifestyle blog, Mrs. Hines' Class. Homemaking is Mrs. Hines' first love. So, when she isn't decorating or writing, you can find her at home watching television with Mr. Hines or trying to keep up with her teenaged daughter.

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  1. Good tip Sharon. I use a damp rag but cannot keep all the dust from falling. Will try the pillow case next time.
    Happy Christmas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. Sharon,

    Thank you so very much! I can never remember which direction the fan should turn for summer and winter. Now I know!! This will be especially helpful in the family room as our furnace is just a little on the small size and has a hard time keeping the addition warm (add to that the fact we have large windows and a double paned sliding glass door.)

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Thanks for reminding me!! Hugs….Ang

  4. What a great tip! I always forget about it. Thanks, Leslie

  5. Thanks for the reminder….gonna check them right now! ;)

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