3 Reasons Why You Should Menu Plan

Hi friends!  It’s the 4th Monday of the month and that means that our Contributor, Laura from Inspiration for Moms, will be sharing with us today.

Today she is sharing 3 Reasons Why You Should Menu Plan.
3 Reasons Why You Should Menu Plan: Mrs. Hines' Class

Hi Everyone!
Mrs. Hines asked me if I would chat with you today about my meal planning technique.
Of course, I had to say yes because this system has made my life so much easier
and I know it can do the same for you! 🙂


Every Sunday, I sit down with my computer and go hunting for recipes.
Right now, my family is following the Paleo diet.
Since I don’t have any Paleo cookbooks, I just visit my favorite websites.
Lately I have really been loving Elana’s Pantry. 
Not only does she live close to me in Boulder, Colorado but her recipes are fantastic!

So now that you know when I plan, let’s talk about why I plan.
There are three BIG reasons why meal planning is a must in my life.

Reason 1: HUGE time saver!

 3 Reasons Why You Should Menu Plan: Mrs. Hines' Class

I used to be that lady in the kitchen at 5 o’clock looking through the 
fridge and cabinets frantically gathering all the ingredients to make a meal.
All the while I had a toddler running around and a hungry husband that
would be home in less than an hour. So stressful!!

I refuse to be that lady now!
I know exactly what recipe I will be making and what ingredients I need.
No crazy hunting. No worry. No stress.
And I will always be able to answer that famous question with confidence…
“Mom, what’s for dinner?”

Reason 2: Save money!

 3 Reasons Why You Should Menu Plan: Mrs. Hines' Class

Ok, let me ask you. How many times do you visit the grocery store in a week? 
Once? Twice? Three times?
And when you go, do you just buy the one thing you need or grab
a few other things that may catch your eye?
Every little trip adds up and wastes your time!


If you make a weekly meal plan and list all the ingredients you need for the week,
then you only need to shop once and your done.


And I don’t know about you, but I HATE grocery shopping.
So the more I get to avoid that store the better!

Reason 3: Eat healthier!

3 Reasons Why You Should Menu Plan: Mrs. Hines' Class

I know when I cook at home, we all eat healthier. 
I have been trying to lose weight for an upcoming vacation and
cooking at home really helps me know how many calories I am eating.
I do plan for one night in the week where we will dine out.
It’s not only a treat for me to get out of the kitchen, but for the family as well.

I challenge you to plan your meals out for just one month 
and see if you notice a difference.
You may discover that you are less stressed, have lost weight,
and have a few extra bucks in your wallet!


Oh and if you are looking for some recipes,
every Monday I post my M.A.D. Menu Plan on Inspiration for Moms.
The M.A.D. stands for Moms Awesome Dinner. 🙂
Here’s a link to last Monday’s post.

Happy menu planning everyone! 


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Thank you, Laura.  I can certainly attest to everything you just shared.   Since getting back into menu planning this year, I’ve noticed that we do in fact save money and time and are eating healthier.

Just last week, my daughter commented that she loves that we’re eating at home more often.  Not only that, but she said that eating healthier is helping her focus better in school!


And I just want to add, that your menu doesn’t have to be elaborate.  Last week  breakfast for dinner and heat and serve fajitas were a part of our menu.

Come back on Wednesday for a full list of meals that can be prepared in thirty minutes or less.


See you in class,

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  1. Sharon, I love to eat super hearty and healthy meals at home and am lucky to have a husband who loves to cook. My “problem” are 3 little picky eaters. Would love ideas of things that would please these little spoilers! 😉

  2. I was just discussing this issue with my mother the other night! My grocery bill is out of control so I’ve decided to go back to the days when my kids were still home and I menu planned! Thanks for the help!!~~Angela

  3. I used to menu plan religiously…now, not so much. However, I do plan for several meals, especially when the weather is miserable and I don’t want to go out. We have more time now…no little kids to look after, and actually enjoy going to the store together! But, you do eat healthier, and it is cheaper to do that. I’ll be looking forward to the 30 minute meals! 😉

  4. I do think menu planning is a great. 75% of the time I am really good at it the other 25% usually means I forgot to get the meat /fish out of the freezer to thaw. giggle. Hugs
    P.S I hope you will join us at the Thursday hop ( you can start linking up tonight at 8PM ( MST)

  5. Sharon, I really need to do this – I don’t do it at all! I use the excuse that I don’t have time between working full time and (trying) to blog, lol, but that’s really not a good enough reason. Good reminder to get my cooking act together and great post! Hope you have a happy week!

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