Oh the Places You’ll Go: Diy Subway Art



Germany, Ireland, Spain…

They are all on my list of places to go.

Just so happens, that my daughter has the same list.  Never doubt the influence you have on your kids…even as teenagers.  


Create your very own DIY Subway Art on Burlap Canvas with Mrs. Hines' Class, @Hometalk  and @MichaelsStores



So when my daughter and I saw this subway art stencil in Michael’s the other day, we knew it would be the perfect addition to her teen lounge.   

Create your very own DIY Subway Art on Burlap Canvas with Mrs. Hines' Class, @Hometalk  and @MichaelsStores

As I stenciled cities from all over the world onto the burlap canvas, I imagined what it would be like to visit Montreal.  I’ve been curious to see French Canada for as long as  I can remember.  

Create your very own DIY Subway Art on Burlap Canvas with Mrs. Hines' Class, @Hometalk  and @MichaelsStores

I reminisced about my trip to New York.  I LOVED it and have been ready to return the moment my plane landed back in Houston.

Oh, and San Francisco.  “I haven’t been there yet,” I thought.  


Create your very own DIY Subway Art on Burlap Canvas with Mrs. Hines' Class, @Hometalk  and @MichaelsStores



This simple craft is more than diy subway art.  It’s not just paint on a burlap canvas.   It’s a dream.

My dream.

Her dream.

Oh the places you’ll go, baby girl.   Oh, the places you’ll go.  

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Join me at Michael’s for the Pinterest Party this Sunday so we can craft and dream together!


See you in class,

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  1. so cute, love it. great color too!!!! I hope you will shere at the hop xo

  2. I would love to join you and Hometalk this Sunday at Michael’s for a Pinterest Party. All depends on the weather of course. I love what you did to make your daughters’ and your dream list of places to visit. I don’t know if I have a wall big enough to hold a list of all the places, I DREAM of going to or back to one day.

  3. I love this Sharon!! It’s absolutely perfect!! The ombre effect is just awesome in those colors!! Have fun Sunday!!

  4. Oh the places you’ve been too! I love it Sharon! As a mom of all daughters I don’t doubt your wisdom that they are listening and watching; a funny thing happened with out oldest who is 15 back in the Fall. She’s girl who’s happy to stay close to home and relishes her everyday routine so when she announced she dreamed of going on her school’s trip to Spain, I was shocked and joyful and sort of scared, all at the same time!

    So our baby is headed to big far away places over Spring break in March! And, I’m thinking a cool subway art piece like the beautiful one you made with all the places she went (and dreams of going) would be a great welcome home gift.

    Thanks for all your inspiration, my friend.

  5. Very cute! Love how you used the colors! I hope you and your daughters dreams come true!~~Angela

  6. My daughter is 15 too! And it sounds like they are a lot alike. Spain, wow! I want to see the pictures from that trip, please.

  7. Here’s to dreams coming true!

  8. Thank you, Lori. I’m really happy with how the ombre turned out… I’d never done that before. Looking forward to Sunday!

  9. I may have to change my thinking about a darker purple room for my 15 year old after seeing this. It looks great!

  10. This turned out so cute! Enjoyed getting to know you + your blog from the Pinterest Party!

  11. Linda, my daughter is 15 too. This room has been purple for almost 7 years now and she still loves it. I have to say, I like it too.

  12. Thank you, Sarah. I’m delighted that I got to know you too!

  13. Ooooh, I need to look for that stencil at our Michaels – thanks and yours turned out beautiful!!

  14. This turned out great Sharon!! I wish I could come craft with you at Michael’s! – how fun! I have been able to travel a lot so I have been to those places except Germany and that is still on my list. You and your girl need to plan a little European vacation and go for it! xo

  15. Thank you, Heather! It ended up being a very popular stencil at the craft party. One girl used black on London to make it stand out because the friend she was giving it to has traveled a lot and loves London. I thought that was both creative and very thoughtful.

  16. Thank you, Claire. I don’t stencil much and this one isn’t as crisp and clean as it could be, but we love it…more for sentimental reasons. You would have loved the Michael’s party!

  17. Great project Sharon! The colors are so fun!!

  18. Super cute… love how you did the paint ombre style.

  19. Thank you, Maryann. That is quite the compliment coming from someone who is so creative!

  20. This turned out so cute for your daughter’s room. I really like the ombre color choice, too. I like this soooo much, I’m linking up to it tomorrow!! Thank you for the inspiration, Sharon!! ~ Amy

  21. aw, thank you, Amy. I’m so thrilled that you like it!

  22. Pls sign me up again thru my e mail address……………………….have not been getting your updates for a month now. Not sure what the problem is……………….thanks so much…………….pdurato@yahoo.com…love your blog !!!!

  23. Hi Dolores,

    Thanks for letting me know! I think there has been a problem with the delivery service that I use. I will do what I can to get you signed up again.

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