new uses for old things: a soup and salad bowl

I had a traditional soap dish, but its outer coating flaked off and it left stains on my white tub.  I can’t have that.

So, I threw it away, and kept my eye out for a newer and better soap dish.   I never found one.

Then one day while I was hanging out in my bathroom trying to solve the soap dilemma,  I had a vision of a farmhouse washstand with a dark wood base made even lovelier by the contrast of a shiny white bowl and pitcher.

And in the flash of a lightbulb moment, I remembered the $2.00 Southern Living bowl mom bought me at Goodwill  (just because).


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I ran to the kitchen and pulled that lone white bowl out of the stack of my everyday gold bowls.

I bet those of you who are like me are picturing a stack of bowls with one mismatched bowl sticking out like a sore thumb. Someone might as well drag their fingernails across a chalkboard.   Am I right?

I brought the bowl into the bathroom and placed a fresh bar of soap in it.   What was once a mismatched, no where to really use it bowl has found it’s purpose.   And I love it.

It’s so rewarding to find new uses for old things.

See you in class,

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  1. I love those “aha” moments!!! Great little bowl from Goodwill (love that place) and it’s perfect for your soap! Great job!!~~Angela

  2. Great idea…and yes…that is what I was picturing! Isn’t that what we all do and have….a stack of mismatched bowls? Great day to you! ;)

  3. Beautiful bowl for your soap dish. Better to shop the house before buying something new.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. It’s so pretty.
    I’m a little afraid it is going to get knocked off and break. Tell me it won’t.
    I worry. :0)

  5. Patt Butti says:

    Loved your idea…looks very nice. My Goodwill ventures always have supplied many different dishes for soap or trinkets…I have a variety of soap dispensers, Kleenex boxes..and soap dishes. Even in dishware, I found this darling oval one with koi fish on it. It doesn’t fit anywhere so far…but it’s on my counter looking adorable. I keep buying soap dispensers..but now I’m into that foam soap which is a special dispenser. I need uses for the dispensers now..hahahhahaha.

  6. LOL…so far so good.

  7. Thank you, Angela. I need both more aha moments and more trips to Goodwill.

  8. I love shopping the house. I almost always find what I’m looking for.

  9. That koi dish sounds lovely. I know you’ll find a use for it and for the dispensers!

  10. I can’t comment on the new use for old things cuz I read the braless in Walmart post right before this one and I’m still pondering if I have ever done that.

  11. LOL, Bliss. I’m just going to guess that you have. ;)

  12. Beautiful bowl for soap! LOVE it when we find the “perfect thing” around our own homes! Great picture too!

  13. Thank you, Yvonne!

  14. It looks like an antique! What a great solution!

    Happy day to you friend!

  15. I agree, and I’m loving the antique vibe!

  16. Your soap bowl is perfection. I just did something similar to this today. I needed something to stash my blog notes in so I put them in my Anthro berry basket. Much better than the plastic container I first considered!

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