The Lazy Girl’s Tips for Spring Cleaning

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“Shiny Sinks” and “Stainless Steel’ have been on my Spring Cleaning to-do list for weeks now.  

But, we’re not cleaning the sink today because there are dishes in the sink, and I’m not above holding out for someone else to load them in the dishwasher.

The stainless steel appliances will have to wait another day because I don’t feel like mixing up the latest concoction that promises to get rid of those stubborn hard water stains.

So, how about the oven?  Yes, let’s clean the oven today.

When you forget to put foil on the bottom of the oven before cooking the perfect baked potatoes, you get a caked on mess like this,


Get The Lazy Girl's Tips for Spring Cleaning at Mrs. Hines' Class #DGspringcleaning


and this.


Get The Lazy Girl's Tips for Spring Cleaning at Mrs. Hines' Class #DGspringcleaning


I took the racks out of the oven, and put my daughter to work scrubbing them with the Dollar General soap pads, and they’re lemon scented, my favorite cleaning scent.


Get The Lazy Girl's Tips for Spring Cleaning at Mrs. Hines' Class #DGspringcleaning


Meanwhile, I sprayed the oven cleaner in the oven according to the directions, set the timer for two hours and waited.


Get The Lazy Girl's Tips for Spring Cleaning at Mrs. Hines' Class #DGspringcleaning


Now that’s my kind of cleaning!  The oven cleaner does the work for me while I tend to other things.

While we’re waiting on the oven cleaner to do its thaang, I’ll share this lazy girl’s Spring Cleaning tips.


Tip #1 – Don’t spend your time on dusting and baseboards and ceiling fans.

Let me explain.  If you keep up a regular cleaning routine, there really isn’t a need to do those basic cleaning chores.


Tip #2 – Instead, spend your time and energy on things  like cleaning the barbecue grill, cleaning the windows, flipping your mattress, organizing seasonal clothing and sprucing up your home exterior.

Speaking of outdoors, I’ve got a date with a bottle of bleach and the sidewalk!  


Tip #3 – No matter what is on your Spring Cleaning checklist, remember to break down the big chores into manageable tasks.   Even the most ambitious of us can quickly become overwhelmed and stopped in our tracks if we try to take on too much.


Get The Lazy Girl's Tips for Spring Cleaning at Mrs. Hines' Class #DGspringcleaning


Start with making a schedule for what to clean when, and then make a list of cleaning products you need to buy.

I recommend stocking up at Dollar General.  I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of cleaners available there, both brand name and store brand.  In fact, I told Mr. Hines that Dollar General is my new “first stop” when it comes to basic household supplies.

He supports cutting financial corners any way we can.  And I felt like a responsible homemaker with the savings on cleaning and household products at Dollar General.  Seriously, I was so proud of myself.


Saved by the timer….let’s see how the Dollar General cleaners compare to brand name ones.


Get The Lazy Girl's Tips for Spring Cleaning at Mrs. Hines' Class #DGspringcleaning


I have to say that the store brand cleaners cleaned just as well as the name brand ones.


Get The Lazy Girl's Tips for Spring Cleaning at Mrs. Hines' Class #DGspringcleaning


To borrow the words of my daughter, “It’s not perfect, but it’s sure a lot cleaner than it was.”



See you in class,





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  1. Patt Butti says:

    Glad you oven is sparkling clean…….. now eat out and don’t wreck it..hahahhahah
    I”m so fed up with it… I’ll straighten up the rest of the kitchen tomorrow and I plan to paint lalalalalala
    I have a cookie jar that is the old woman in the shoe…with a tile roof. My daughter’s partner owns a roofing company and I wanted to paint it up cute and put his sign outside… I’m also going to do more on my watercolors and plan to listen to a book on tape. Today i went thru some of Janet Evanovich. I used to love her stuff and these past few – not in the Stephanie Plum series…. are just ridiculous. The voice of the woman reading it is supposed to mimic Marilyn Monroe, but sounds more like a really stupid dumb blonde that sounds like fingernails on a blackboard…. bad choice. Anyway…just to see we ARE making progress.
    Massive ice/snow storm here in Ill. about 5″ of snow…and all ice. So, hot chocolate here I come…

  2. Susan Tofteland says:

    Hi, Mrs. Hines! I hope you have a lesson plan for my issue. Or maybe you just know the answer to my problem! :-)) My son and DIL got a set of 12 stainless steel bowls for a wedding gift (from Crate & Barrel). The bowls “somehow” got put in the dishwasher, and now the stainless steel is scratched and faded (apparently from the dishwasher soap). They look kind of like mercury glass. Do you have any idea if we can restore the shine to the stainless steel, or what we can do to make them usable, in some way? Thank you in advance!

  3. Hi, Susan. I have heard of people using bar keeper’s friend to restore scratched plates, stainless steel sinks..maybe it would work on the bowls. You should be able to find it on the cleaning aisle near Comet and Ajax. Here is the Bar Keeper’s Friend website:

  4. I love your idea to decorate the cookie jar for your daughter’s partner’s roofing company.

    We used the oven last night, but it’s still looking clean. What will your next watercolor painting be?

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