Trading Spaces: The Living Room Curtains

Remember the show Trading Spaces?

And how the designers would tell the homeowners to wait for the room to come together before deciding if they do or don’t like it?

Well, I made these curtains for the living room when we moved here several years ago.  I chose the fabric for its french country flare and beautiful color palette, especially the brilliant cadet blue.


The Lesson I learnd from my Living Room Curtains/

I was so proud when I finished sewing the curtains and hung them in the living room.   And I loved them until I saw the picture below and thought they made my living room look like a  granny’s house.

The Lesson I learnd from my Living Room Curtains/

I love granny houses, but I’m not ready to have one yet.

So, I moved them into the dining room where they stayed for a couple of years.  I loved them there until I didn’t, which was right after I decided to turn my dining room into a study.

The Lesson I learnd from my Living Room Curtains/

Once I completed the billy bookcase makeover, the curtains just didn’t make the cut.

Besides, I could just picture them in the breakfast room.  So into the breakfast room they went. They definitely brought color and life into the space, but something wasn’t quite right.  

Home Decorating Tips/The Lesson I learnd from my Living Room Curtains/

And I was curious to see how the curtains would look with  the blue accent wall and painted dresser in the living room.

So, I climbed the ladder again, and switched the curtains from the living room to the breakfast room, which means…you guessed it.  The floral curtains are once again in the living room where they were meant to be all along.   

Home Decorating Tips/ The Lesson I Learned from my Living Room Curtains/

Lesson learned.

When I first hung the living room curtains six years ago, I should have trusted my gut and waited for the design plan to come together.    And it’s what I encourage you to do.  

Sometimes limited budget, time and resources means that it can take a while for a room plan to come together. But, if we’re patient, when it finally does fall into place it’s just what we imagined it could be.  Not only that, but our rooms will have a collected over time look and feel.


Fabric is Waverly Felicite Creme from the La Belle Provence Collection, purchased from Online Fabric Store.   Still available.

If you don’t sew, Pottery Barn has similar ready-made curtains


See you in class,


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  1. Donnamae says:

    You know, in that first picture, I didn’t even notice your curtains. All I saw was a family having a fantastic time! It’s all in the eye of the beholder! Great analogy with Trading Spaces…I loved that show…my boys and I used to watch that all the time. Enjoy your weekend! 😉

  2. Great lesson! What versatile curtains they have turned out to be! They went in so many different rooms….that’s fantastic! I love how your initial plan is coming together!~~Angela

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