Simple Tips to Refresh Your Home for Spring

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As the days grow longer and the air turns warmer, I’ve found myself nesting: flitting around the house fluffing pillows,


Simple Tips to Refresh Your Home for Spring by


tucking apples into a vase,

Simple Tips to Refresh Your Home for Spring by


setting the birdcage in the foyer,

Simple Tips to Refresh Your Home for Spring by


giving the ceramic bird a new home on the mantel,

Simple Tips to Refresh Your Home for Spring by


placing a faux budding tulip on the t.v. console,


Simple Tips to Refresh Your Home for Spring by


tucking a candle under a cloche, 

Simple Tips to Refresh Your Home for Spring by


and, painting the ottoman.

I liked the paint color I used when I originally turned this coffee table into an ottoman, but I wasn’t loving it.  So, I decided to give it a fresh coat of paint, using Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in Timeless.

Teacher’s Tip:  Paint is a simple, inexpensive way to refresh your home for Spring.   And The New American Decor Chalky paint is now available in Home Depot and Michael’s stores.   It’s also available for purchase online at

Coffee Table Makeover with Americana Decor Chalky Paint at


Being the lazy painter that I am, I just threw down an old sheet right in the living room and turned the ottoman upside down so that I could paint the legs and apron.


Coffee Table Makeover with Americana Decor Chalky Paint at


Teacher’s Tip:  Apply the paint in long, even strokes for a smooth finish. 

I found that one coat was enough, especially since I wanted a little bit of the old color to show through.   I let that dry for about 15 or 20 minutes ( I’m also an impatient painter) before applying a coat of clear wax.   

Coffee Table Makeover with Americana Decor Chalky Paint at

It’s best to apply thin coats of wax.  Since I was also adding a coat of dark wax, I applied that while the clear wax was still fresh, making the dark wax easier to work with.  

Teacher’s Tip: You can visit the DecoArt Chalky Finish website for more information and tips on applying waxes.


Coffee Table Makeover with Americana Decor Chalky Paint at


The dark wax really gave the ottoman that old world, french look that I was going for.   And I think the aged, creamy color looks fantastic in the living room.    For more chalky finish project ideas, visit DecoArt.  

Coffee Table Makeover with Americana Decor Chalky Paint at


Rearranging and refreshing my accessories gave them new life.  From fluffing the pillows to painting the ottoman,  every little tuck and tweak was another feather in my nest, refreshing my home for Spring.

See you in class,

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  1. Feels so nice to fluff, doesn’t it? How do you like the paint and wax? I haven’t tried it yet.
    Enjoy your fluffiness…it’s so pretty.

  2. I really liked the paint and especially the wax. The was was so easy to use. It’s not a paste and it doesn’t take so much elbow grease to use. The paint is really smooth and creamy and has great coverage. I definitely recommend it.

  3. Great ideas. I love to bring in fresh flowers, get a new candle, and let the sunshine in. 🙂

  4. Beautiful tips and ideas. The table looks so nice and refreshed. I love the color with the wax.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Thank you, Meegan. I’m really enjoying the new color. I got a better look at it today in the daylight and I’m pleased.

  6. Oh, letting the sunshine in is my favorite!

  7. I wasn’t aware that DecoArt made the chalk paint & wax. I am glad to see it’s carried at Michaels, JoAnne’s and HobLob. Glad I made it to class today…..Apple for the teacher!

  8. What a beautiful colour on your ottoman, very fresh and Spring-y!

  9. Patty, the DecoArt’s chalky paint is relatively new. It’s in Michael’s and Home Depot stores and Home Depot online. Thanks for coming to class today! 🙂

  10. thank you, Heather. It was my first time to work with Dark wax. I’m sitting here looking at the ottoman wondering if I need to take some of the dark wax off.

  11. I love their line of craft paints, but I had no idea that DecoArt had a chalky paint, too. Now I just need to find a piece of furniture to flip over and paint, lol. I love the new color you choose for your ottoman. The best kind of update is one that can be done within a few hours like yours.

  12. So many great ideas! LOVE those apples in the vase! Pinned! Life to the full! Melissa

  13. Looks gorgeous Sharon! I love the Springy color you chose!

  14. I used DecoArt acrylic paints years ago when I did folk art painting- it was the best for that type of painting. I look forward to giving the new paint line a try. Your ottoman looks great in its new color.

  15. Thanks for sharing this, Sharon. Your ottoman looks so pretty. I just clicked over to their site. They have some great colors. laurie

  16. Thank you, Laurie. I love that their colors are vintage!

  17. I bet you worked wonders with the craft paint, Sheila.

  18. Thank you. The apples are my favorite, too. 🙂 I use them year round in different settings.

  19. Thank you, Shanna. I could use a few lessons from you, though!

  20. Everything looks so fresh and springy! I love freshening things around the house when the seasons change. And your ottoman looks great.

  21. Looks great! I’m gonna need to check out this paint line! xoxo

  22. Looks great, Sharon!

  23. Love it, Sharon! Such a bright and fun color!

  24. I love it, this makes me want to tear through my house and freshen for Spring. 🙂

  25. Mary Jo Hamilton says:

    I have never painted any furniture but definitely am getting interested in trying it!! I love seeing the “diy” things you have shown us via your blog……it makes me think maybe I could do something like that, too!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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