4 Creative Jewelry Organizers

I love accessories.  

Scarves, belts, shoes and especially jewelry.    My everyday look is earrings, studs or hoops, and a bracelet or two.

I love stacking bracelets.

On dressier occasions, I ditch the dangly earrings for studs and wear a statement necklace.   Statement necklaces make me feel so sophisticated.

But where is a jewelry lovin’ girl supposed to keep all her jewelry?


Tip:  Get rid of what you don’t wear.  Then sort and organize what’s left to determine what kind of storage you need.



I didn’t want to spend much, if any, money on organizers,  so I repurposed everyday items.  And today I want to share with you 4 diy jewelry organizers.


Egg Crates

Tear off the lid of an egg crate and repurpose it to hold earrings and rings.

4 clever diy jewelry organizers / www.mrshinesclass.com


You can paint the egg crate or leave it natural. I’m planning to paint my egg crate glossy white.


4 clever diy jewelry organizers / www.mrshinesclass.com



I dusted off my crystal candlesticks and draped my favorite bracelets over them. My everyday bracelets sit out on the dresser, and lesser worn bracelets are on a second candlestick that sits on a shelf in my closet.


4 clever diy jewelry organizers / www.mrshinesclass.com


Sugar Bowl

I use the glass sugar bowl to keep my favorite earrings handy.

A tray gives these odd and end organizers a collected look.

4 clever diy jewelry organizers / www.mrshinesclass.com


Towel Bar

I stuck this towel bar in my daughter’s bathroom because I didn’t want it in my bathroom anymore. The next time I walked into her bathroom, my heart swelled with pride when I saw her bracelets lined up in a row on the towel bar.

It’s in the genes, y’all.

4 clever diy jewelry organizers / www.mrshinesclass.com


Towel bars also work well for storing delicate necklaces.


You could also use:

tea cups


picture frames

tier stands

muffin tins


and whatever your imagination can think of!


See you in class,

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  1. Donnamae says:

    Oh how fun! Love what your daughter did…great idea! 😉

  2. SUch a great idea, love it!

  3. Clever ideas, love all of the jewellry too!

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