Recommended Reading: When Your House Becomes Your Story


My grandmother passed away a few weeks ago.

At 90 years old, she was the last of my grandparents to pass away.   Nonna had a huge influence on me growing up, and I take after her in many ways.

Part of me is rejoicing that she is in heaven with Jesus and loved ones who went before her. The other part of me is very grieved over losing her.  

Last weekend I went to her house as my parents were going through her belongings and ended up bringing home some things to remember her by.

I was getting ready to leave when I happened to find a stack of photos.  As I thumbed through them, I came across this photo of Nonna with her sister taken in the ’40s.

That’s Nonna on the left.

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I was delighted when Dad said I could have the picture which now sits under the magnifying glass on my bookcase.

I also brought home this little kitten picture.  I originally thought I’d tuck it somewhere on our bookcase too, but ended up putting it in the kitchen.

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I really like it here and think it adds a little french country charm.

I found these blue and white cups in Nonna’s kitchen and could picture them against the newly painted backdrop of my kitchen cabinets.

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The cups look even prettier than I imagined.  I think they are saki cups, but am not sure about that.

One thing I kept thinking as wandered from room to room in Nonna’s house is that she definitely had her own unique sense of style. Her decor included oriental to mid century to whimsical. Together, these things made her house a home.  They tell her story.

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Nonna’s house, a 1950’s rancher.


I really admired her for that.  And I that’s what I appreciate about the authors of this week’s Recommended Reading. They understand that making your house a home is not about recreating the looks of magazines or having a picture perfect room.  It’s about decorating with what you love.

Like Beneath My Heart contributor, Bre, of Rooms for Rent shares, “If you don’t absolutely love it, then you can live without it.”

And in her last post at Beneath My Heart, she shares how she transformed a room filled with things she owned, to a room that she loves and that reflects her style.

dining room transformation by Bre of Rooms for Rent / Discover Tips on Making Your House a Home at


Be sure to visit Bre and Traci to find out how to Love the Space You Live In.

I think I was just as excited for Angela as she was about converting her kitchen eating area into a home office. Switching furniture from room to room was all it took to give the room a whole new look and feel.  Pay a visit to Twelve Oaks Manor to see the transformation, and tell Angela I said hello.

I’ve heard people say that if they put all the stuff they love together it just looks cluttered and messy.  But, Kim from Tidbits and Twine shares 6 great tips for Creating a Collected Look.    She offers very practical advice with beautiful inspiration photos; definitely worth the read.


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Well said, Erin.  

And that is exactly how my Nonna lived; she was very purposeful about what she collected.  Nonna understood what it means to make your house a home.  

And I’m so honored to have some of the things she loved in my home; telling my story.


See you in class,


p.s.  I’m sharing my treasures with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality.

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  1. I am so sorry about your grandmother 🙁 She sounds like such a beautiful lady, I love the items in your house, so pretty.

  2. Thank you, Kristin. She was one of a kind! I can’t wait to show y’all the rest of what I brought home. xo

  3. What beautiful writing! I lost my grandma too about seven months ago. I loved seeing the new homes you made for her belongings and imagining the memories they must make for you. Your decorating advice is great; I am inspired to make my home authentic to my husband and I too.

  4. Thank you, Alison. Inspiration is what it is all about and to know that my blog has inspired you makes my day.

    I’m sorry for the loss of your grandmother.

  5. So true!! I need to do some weeding out in my home. Having items you only love makes you love your space even more!

  6. I completely agree. And it always feels so good when I let go of things I don’t love or need.

  7. Mary Jo Hamilton says:

    As always, I enjoy seeing the changes you make to your home….you have such a natural talent!! 🙂

  8. Mary Jo, it does my heart so good to hear such a compliment. Your encouragement is very appreciated and also very timely. Thank you!

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