breakfast room makeover, again



Well, I took down the daybed.   The one that was in my breakfast room.


I thought it was charming, but it was too big for the breakfast room and was only meant to be a placeholder until I could get a settee.

see the progress of my breakfast room makeover at


I found this settee listed in a Beg, Barter, Buy Sell group on Facebook for $60.  Even though the fabric is dated, I thought the settee had good lines, and the measurements were perfect at an 18″ seat height.

I put a slipcover on it until I can afford to get it reupholstered.  I’d rather pay someone to do that. 


see the progress of my breakfast room makeover at

I also moved the living room curtains back to the breakfast room.   I felt like the curtains were too busy for the living room.

But, they add color and life to the breakfast room, which is what it needs.

see the progress of my breakfast room makeover at


These new place mats and napkins add color and texture, too.

see the progress of my breakfast room makeover at


I recently placed this depression glass bowl, another treasure from Nonna’s house,  on the black bookcase.   I love the pink and black together.  And it’s functional; holding Mr. Hines’ wallet and receipts and such.


see the progress of my breakfast room makeover at



The breakfast room has been through so many changes in the almost 7 years that we’ve lived here.   It started with selling the valances and box cushion I had originally made for the space.

Then making curtains out of sheets.

Then adding the daybed, the most recent “before.”  

see the progress of my breakfast room makeover at


And now replacing the daybed with a settee.

But it is gradually becoming a space that feels like home, my home.

I’ll be collecting inspiration and narrowing down my choices for the room makeover.    In the meantime, I’d love your opinion on what would look good in the corner behind the settee and what I should do with the chairs.




See you in class,

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After 17 years in an elementary classroom, Mrs. Hines retired from teaching to pursue her passions: decorating, writing and homemaking. While her formal education is in teaching, she discovered her talent for design at a young age and is a self-taught decorator. Mrs. Hines' DIY spirit has earned her appearances on the show Deals which airs on the Live Well Network. She continues to teach and inspire on her popular Lifestyle blog, Mrs. Hines' Class. Homemaking is Mrs. Hines' first love. So, when she isn't decorating or writing, you can find her at home watching television with Mr. Hines or trying to keep up with her teenaged daughter.

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  1. Oh a settee in that space would look wonderful…love your breakfast room Sharon!

  2. What a fun find. I know you wanted exactly that in your space. So wonderful when we get that just right piece we have been searching for!!

  3. Mary Jo Hamilton says:

    Sharon, I really like your ideas….the breakfast room looks great with a settee in there….I must admit I did love the daybed too, but I think the settee probably serves a better purpose….you are a very talented lady and I love your creative ideas….I can learn a lot from you so I’ll keep on checking back to your blog!!! :)
    God bless!!
    Mary Jo

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words, Mary Jo. I liked the daybed too, but you’re right. The settee serves a better purpose.

    God bless you too!

  5. Thanks, girl! Definitely a fun find… I was definitely excited to finally find what I was looking for.

  6. I am inspired by how you use your breakfast room as a sunroom…I wanted my space to be well used, so I thought seating ( other than a table and chairs) would help with a sunroom feel.

    At one point, I moved the table and chairs under the island, which opened up the breakfast room to be more sunroom than anything else. I still like that idea and am toying with moving the table and chairs again…

    I’ll get it right eventually.

    Thank you so much for the encouragement!

  7. Mary Jo Hamilton says:

    Love your table, chairs, sunflowers and slipcover on the settee too….they look soooooooooo good together!! :)

  8. Mary Jo Hamilton says:

    I think it’s just neat to change up a room and when you can do it pretty cheaply, that’s a plus!!! :) :)

  9. Sharon … so much fun to move stuff around to create a new look. Anxious to see the settee when you get it re-upholstered. Hope you do get the sun room look. Oh how I would love a sun room.
    Audrye Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. I’m anxious to see it re-upholstered too, Audrey. LOL

  11. I needed that encouragement, Mary Jo. Sometimes I look at something for too long and start to question what looks good and what doesn’t. Thank you for the compliment!

  12. couldn’t agree more!

  13. Mary Jo Hamilton says:

    Hi Sharon, just found your other two replies…..I really meant what I said, you have the talent and are a creative lady and you have a good “eye” for putting things together and just making it look good, like it’s supposed to be together!!! :) :) :) Not everyone has talent like that, so it is a gift. :) My older(by 8 yrs)sister had the “gift” as well. She didn’t have a large home or a lot of money, but everyone that walked into her house just oohed and aahed about it, and it just looked so good. She also taught herself to sew about 3 yrs before she passed away. She started making shower curtains(fancy too)and chair cushions and fancy throw pillows and window treatments, all without using a pattern…she would look at pics of patterns, and then make things without the pattern, ha. It amazed me…I learned to sew in Home Ec in the 1970’s(I graduated high school in ’73)and I had sewn quite a bit through the years, but my sister was the one with the creativity!!! So I just really admire people like you and Della(my sister) and others who really try to “create”. I just look forward to seeing more of what you have in store for us!! :) :) :) Take care!

  14. Mary Jo Hamilton says:

    Oh and by the way, I just love love love cottages, too. :) I’ve always loved seeing photos of cottages with the white picket fence and roses climbing up a trellis, just the old-fashioned look that takes you back in time. :)

  15. I have always loved the black bookcase.
    Do you spend all day in this breakfast nook? I would!

  16. awww, thank you! Truthfully we don’t spend enough time in the our breakfast nook…I’m trying to change that. It would be so fun to have you over to sit in there and visit over tea…

  17. What a sweet and comfortable \room! I am excited to see the settee when it’s done :) Happily pinned :)

  18. I am in LOVE with this room!! Perfectly styled.

  19. Thank you, Brandy. I’m so flattered. Thank you for visiting MHC and commenting. I’m looking forward to following along with BD Design as well.

  20. granny H says:

    I love the new changes to your breakfast nook, especially the small sofa. I think the chair seats are lovely, so please don’t cover them up with chair pads. A french linen table runner with your sunflowers on the table would be the finishing touch. Looking forward to seeing your new updates. Love your creative ideas.

  21. granny H says:

    I think the chair seats are lovely, so please don’t cover them up with chair pads. A french linen table runner with your sunflowers on the table would be the finishing touch. Looking forward to seeing your new updates. Love your creative ideas.

  22. I love the idea of a french linen table runner! And thank you so much for your feedback. It really helps to have another pair of eyes looking at the space.

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