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We’d only had Blackie for a few years, when we thought we’d lost him forever.  


The three of us were leaving for dinner, so we closed the back door, locked it and went on our way.  We realized later that night that Blackie was missing, and that we must have locked him out of the house. 

We were panicked.  I followed the advice I’d found online for how to find a cat, setting out our dirty socks so he could detect our scent.   It had been a few days, and we were starting to accept the idea that we may never find Blackie, when I caught a glimpse of a familiar figure walking on the other side of the fence.

Not wanting to get my daughter’s hopes up, I said nothing.  Then the figure walked by again, and I knew.

Our hearts started racing with hope as we went into our neighbors backyard….but Blackie wasn’t there.  Just when were about to go back home, I decided to look behind a stack of wood leaning against the neighbor’s house. Sure enough, those big green eyes were peering up at us, and my little girl quickly scooped him up into her arms.

Blackie was home.

Thankfully this story had a happy ending!


Litter Box Odor Control #WalmartLovesCats #ad



Now, as frightening as that experience was, there was this little part of me that kept thinking about the litter box…

If we didn’t find Blackie, I’d be free of the litter box.    Don’t judge me.

I’ve been struggling with the litter box dilemma for years.  Where to keep it,  how to keep Blackie from missing the box, trying lidded boxes, self-scooping boxes, tall boxes, and eventually a homemade one.  I’ve done everything I can think of to be able to live peacefully with the litter box.

If Blackie can love us, stinky socks and all, then I can find a way.

Right now, the litter box is in an open area in between the breakfast room and kitchen.  Unsightly, I know.  Gross even. Obviously, I want to keep odor under control…


Litter Box Odor Control #WalmartLovesCats #ad


Thankfully, I’ve discovered a new litter that does more than litter box odor control, it eliminates it.  The natural carbon and plant extracts in Fast Acting Fresh Step® neutralizes odors instantly and naturally.  I can’t smell anything, even when standing right over the litter box.

If you have a cat, I recommend giving Fast Acting a try.  During the promotion period, it is only available at Walmart.   It comes in a 25 lb. size, and when you buy Fast Acting Fresh Step® you can get triple paw points to earn fun stuff for your cat.

Speaking of fun stuff, we just installed a pet door and now we will gradually move the litter box from the kitchen to the garage…giving Blackie a chance to acclimate to the new location.

Another happy ending.

While this may be the end of my litter box problems, it’s the beginning for the Fresh Step and Meow Mix partnership.  They, along with Walmart, have teamed up to provide solutions that improve and strengthen the relationship with your cat.

I’d say they’re off to a good start.



p.s.  I’ll be back soon to share more about Meow Mix® and a funny Blackie story.


See you in class,



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  1. Fresh Step is what we’ve always used. There should be two litter boxes for every two cats you have, and those boxes should be scooped at least once a day. Some people hate that, but it’s part of having a cat and not letting your guests know it the moment they walk in the door. Everything we have comes with its responsibilities, even our cats and dogs. Wouldn’t want to be without them.

  2. No, I wouldn’t want to be without our cat either. Pets really enrich our lives.

    We just have the one cat…so only one litter box. Since Blackie is my daughter’s cat, it is her responsibility to scoop the litter…we have to remind her, but she does it every day.

    Thank you for visiting!

  3. Didn’t judge you… same thought has gone through my own head. Thanks for the intro to a new product to try!

  4. So glad you guys found Blackie! I know the fear of losing a pet and the relief when you find him/her! I am telling my friends and family to check this post out, I can not stand walking into someones house and knowing they have a cat from the smell of the litter box 🙂 this will help them out big time!

  5. Scary to almost loose a pet Sharon! So happy to hear it ended well. And, even better now that you’re all set with the dreaded litter box. It sounds really great! I’ll have to tell my mother-in-law about it for her 2 kitties.

  6. I’m so glad Blackie found his way back home! He must have just gotten a little turned around in that big, bad world out there. I know just what you mean about certain litter box issues. Is there ever a good place to put that thing? I like your garage idea and by the way, I just did a price comparison to the kitty litter I’ve been using of late, which I also get at Walmart, and the Fresh Step really has a good price point. Thank you for the head’s up on the new product, I’ll be giving it a try, for sure.

  7. Words cannot describe the relief of finding Blackie that day. It’s never a good time to lose a pet, but that was particularly bad timing for our family at the time.

    It took me a few years to finally convince my family the garage was the best place for the litter box.

    Let me know how you like the Fresh Step.

  8. dreaded is right. 🙂 Your mother in law will thank you!

  9. I’m always keeping my fingers crossed that our house doesn’t smell like we have a cat…fortunately, our friends tell us they forget we even have a cat because our house doesn’t have that smell.

    I’m loving the Fresh Step…I never smell the litter box anymore.

  10. LOL! I’m so glad I’m in good company!! Let me know how you like the litter.

  11. Hahaha – if he can handle your socks, you can handle his litter box… priceless. Cat litter sure has come a long way from my childhood pets!

  12. 🙂 We had dogs growing up, so Blackie is my first experience with litter.

  13. I’m so glad that you found him! I am always looking for the best litter out there. I will have to give this a try!

  14. It is really effective!

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