Fortunatley, Unfortunately: A Teen Bedroom Makeover



Everything in our house is done in stages, spread very far apart.  And so it goes with this teen bedroom makeover.

Fortunately, we chose new paint colors, and, unfortunately, painted big sample squares on the wall that we stared at for weeks.

Fortunately, we bought a full-sized mattress to replace the twin.  Unfortunately, the twin was taken away and my daughter slept in a sleeping bag for weeks.

Fortunately, we emptied all of the contents of my daughter’s bedroom into the hallway, living room and teen lounge so we could start painting…

but, unfortunately, we only finished one wall.

See the Design Plan and Progress of this Teen Room Makeover at


A week later, we finally finished the other three walls.  

Fortunately, we were able to set up Hannah’s new mattress and bring her things back into her room.

See the Design Plan and Progress of this Teen Room Makeover at

S.W. Classic French Gray and S.W. Light French Gray at 200%


Unfortunately, most of her things are piled against the wall until we figure out where to put everything.

See the Design Plan and Progress of this Teen Room Makeover at


Fortunately, we have a design plan:


See the Design Plan and Progress of this Teen Room Makeover at

~We have purchased the sheets, quilt and shams on sale.  We also already have a black accent table.  

~Replace current ceiling fixture with a chandelier that provides more light.

~Use a fan to keep room comfortable at night.

~Incorporate purple/plum accents to bring in color.

~Buy or d.i.y. a leaning mirror.

~Buy or d.i.y. a headboard.

~Solve storage problems

~Organize closet space


And of course, all of this will be done…in stages.  Fortunately.


See you in class,

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  1. Donnamae says:

    Fortunately….you have a patient daughter!! Funny, or not, how things usually don’t go as planned…and they almost always take longer than expected. That can also be fortunate. Gives one more time to change their mind…which could be unfortunate. 😉

  2. Oh Sharon I can’t wait to see it all complete! I hear ya, we work in stages around here too! LOL

  3. Her room is going to be spectacular! I had to laugh about the fortunately, unfortunately as that is how we roll around here too! I thought the guest room was completed until we bought the new comforter which turned out to be a letdown once it was out of the packaging! It looked gorgeous but the quality was abysmal. That’s okay as we have the perfect solution!! Something that will take me all of 30 minutes to make (I was going to say 10 but you know how it goes. 😉 )

    Enjoy the process! Because the journey is as much fun as the destination itself, right?!

  4. Mary Jo Hamilton says:

    Looking forward to seeing the completed results!!! I really like your ideas!!!

  5. I’m trying to learn to appreciate the process!

  6. I can’t wait to see it complete, too!

  7. LOL… and you’re so right…

  8. Love your plan! It will all come together. Life slows us down sometimes. 🙂

    Great feature today at Pamela’s!

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