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We were getting dressed last Saturday morning when I asked Mr. Hines, “Are we beach bound?”

He answered back, “Are we beach bound?”

“Yes, we’re beach bound.”

We keep the trunk of our car loaded with beach chairs, mats and an umbrella, and our beach bag packed with sunscreen and towels. So, as soon as we put on our swimsuits and packed the cooler, we were ready to go.

We actually got an earlier start than we usually do, so we enjoyed a few extra hours of fun in the sun.

The water was calm and clear of seaweed.  The temperatures were mild.  ( It was the weekend of the cool front in Texas with temps in the mid 80’s in August.)

The only decisions I had to make were whether or not to “go” in the ocean or make the walk to the restroom and what I wanted for a snack.

My favorite, favorite thing to do at the beach is to settle in with a good book, occasionally taking breaks to nap or splash around in the ocean.

Melanie Shankle’s “The Antelope in the Living Room” literally had me laughing out loud.  I figured if the man sitting behind me was okay with singing along with the radio at the top of his lungs, then I was okay laughing out loud enough that people might turn to stare.  

Back to “The Antelope in the Living Room”, I’m about half way through, and so far I am loving the humorous insight and relatable stories.  I interrupted Mr. Hines several times to tell him what I’d just read so that he could laugh with me.  And he did.

I read another very relatable story by The Hollywood Housewife this week. It was tender and touching and I felt like I was on that boat with her. If you’ve ever been exhausted by trying and then overwhelmed with emotion once you finally succeeded, (or even if you haven’t) then you have to read Laura’s story.

And on a completely different note, local interior designer Carla Aston just got back from the Las Vegas Market and she’s sharing 5 Trends in home decor that she noticed there. I was delighted by what was on the list and I think you will be too!

Enjoy this week’s recommended reading list, and I’ll see you in class,

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  1. Heading for Port Aransas week after next. I think it’s about time I get Melanie’s book. The girl makes me cackle!

  2. Yes, get it, and have fun in Port Aransas!

  3. Thanks for passing this on…I need a funny book to add to the ten on my nightstand.LOL
    Love Hollywood Housewife.

  4. Many thanks for the shout out, Sharon! That weekend was such a lovely respite here, wasn’t it? Hope you’ve enjoyed your summer! Thanks again.


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