That Time I Bought My Man a Banana

Mr. Hines had a curious look on his face as the checker scanned the lone banana.

“That banana is for you.  I got you a banana.  I thought you’d enjoy a banana today,”   I said.

Mr. Hines and our daughter looked at each other and started laughing.   Now I was the one with the curious look on my face.

Mr. Hines asked if I knew why they were laughing.  Um, no.

Earlier in the store, I’d sent Hannah to the book section to ask her Dad if he would like a banana in his lunch.   She never returned.  I forgot that I was waiting on her, and put the banana in my basket.

Turns out he said no.


You know that Brad Paisley song, “That’s Love?”


It would have been good with a little perjury.


See you in class,

mrs hines sig


  1. Haha…life as we know it!

  2. That’s funny!

  3. Funny story and thanks for sharing the song too. I love the photo you printed on FB

  4. Thank you, Kathy. That photo is a few years old now. We need to take new ones. 🙂

  5. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

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