Creating an Everyday Table Setting

“Are we supposed to use these,”  friends have asked as they remove their cloth napkins from their plates.

“Yes, I will just throw them in the wash later,” I reassure them.


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After everyone has left, I enjoy reliving new memories as I gather crumpled napkins, wash dirty dishes and put serving pieces away for next time.

Since I love to entertain, I was very excited to add my grandmother’s Ironstone dishes and vintage Fiestaware to my dinnerware collection. I could just envision the table settings in stacks of white and blue dishes.

My Mom and I were packing the dishes when I commented, “No one sets a formal table anymore.”

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“Well, they should,”  my parents answered in unison.

Hearing my parents talk about the beauty of a table setting sparked a desire in me to do this more often.

So, after painting the breakfast table, I gathered my grandmother’s dishes along with some of my things and created an everyday table setting.

I love how the cobalt blue plates bring out the blue in the curtains,

creating an everyday table setting /


and how the vintage, silver pitcher reflects the sunlight.

creating an everyday table setting /


creating an everyday table setting /


Looking at my table now makes me realize that a set table in and of itself is a special occasion.  {Click to Tweet it!)

creating an everyday table setting /


So, no more waiting for next time.  Go ahead, and set the table.


See you in class,

p.s. I’m sharing my table setting at The Scoop.  Visit for lots of beautiful inspiration from some of the best blogs around.

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  1. Mary Jo Hamilton says:

    Beautiful! Love the blue plates!!! 🙂

  2. Those are gorgeous plates! I remember when my mom would set a table in the dining room…which was used only for special occasions. First she would put down the table protector…you know to protect the table from hot plates. Then would come the very fancy, but elegant damask table cloth…that had to be ironed beforehand. Of course, there were matching napkins. She used her good china, my grandmother’s silver…and her mother’s crystal wine glasses. Remember how small wine glasses used to be? I’m much less formal these days…but it is a very pleasant memory! Sorry for rambling. 😉

  3. I agree Sharon, I think a pretty table being set is so welcoming to guests. I don’t know why people don’t do it more often. I says relax and enjoy the meal and hang here for a while.


  4. “It says relax and enjoy the meal and hang here for a while.” Love it, Cynthia! So true.

  5. Oh, you’re not rambling. I loved hearing how your mother used to set the table. I could picture it as you described it. Thanks for sharing your memory!

  6. Thank you, Mary Jo. I’m so glad I found them and have them to remember my grandmother by.

  7. When I was first married and was a ghastly cook, I Always set a pretty table way in advance so it looked as if a great meal was on its way!! I’m not sure it worked, but it made me feel better until my cooking improved.

  8. LOL…that’s a great story!

  9. It looks so pretty, Sharon. I am in love with blue lately, and adore fiesta ware. We got white fiesta ware when we were married 23 years ago and still use it every day. It’s really made to last! Lucky you for having your grandmother’s!

  10. I do feel lucky! I’m a little nervous about using it because I’ve heard the original fiesta ware had led in it. I researched it as much possible…I think I’m safe.

  11. I love setting the table, we’re empty nesters now but I try to get my family together at least once a month for a nice dinner and to catch up with them.

  12. I love that you get your family together. Family dinners are special!

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